Egg decorating with HRS

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Easter weekend – the weekend for chocolate and more chocolate.  Erin has started practicing in anticipation for the main event on Sunday.  Today she got busy decorating an egg after she was sent this bundle of yummy sweets by HRS If you know Erin you know that she loves food and therefore she loved getting stuck into this decorating.  I would like to suggest that she was inspired by some art piece that she was resembling.  Maybe it was extremely exquisite and inspired by Faberge eggs.  Alas it wasn’t, it was inspired by her favourite sweets and her sweet tooth as she piled the egg high.

photo 2 (19)

photo 3 (13)

I used this activity to ask Erin what Easter was all about and her reply made me giggle.

I wonder what tonight’s bedtime story should be!

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The Easter Egg Hunt

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I had a very excited little girl this morning who was very keen to see what the Easter bunny had left in the garden.  Erin patently waited until her big brother and sister woke up.  The joy of mixed ages of children mean that Erin often has to wait until gone 10 for her siblings to get up.  I did consider just doing the obligatory hunt with just Erin but apparently 14 year olds still like to go hunting with a bowl!

To add another dimension to the hunt Waitrose devised an Easter game for the children . The game can be downloaded too and makes egg hunting last that bit longer!

Waitrose Easter Game

Waitrose Easter Game

photo 1 (20)

First egg found

First egg found


A full basket

A full basket

All that’s left for me to say is Happy Easter and enjoy the long weekend.


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No discharge just more appointments

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Today was appointment day at the hospital for Erin, we parked in our usual place and walked the familiar sterile corridors.  Erin was a little tired and asked for the lift rather than tackle the stairs.  She pressed the familiar button that summons the lift to outpatients.  We were joined in the lift by two other adults, luckily neither wanted to press the button because Erin’s hand was hovering over it, like it was the buzzer in some TV gameshow!

I noted that we were ten minutes early as I absentmindedly looked at the clock wondering how long we would be sitting and waiting before being called.  Today was good and we were in within 15 minutes.  I wan’t expecting anything from this ophthalmology appointment except to be discharged.  Erin was seen by them last summer and they decided to keep her on their books and just do a final check on her eye health before starting school.  I had forgotton all about it and even when the appointment arrived I thought it was a mistake and was supposed to be for orthoptics (which we were waiting for) as opposed to ophthalmology.

As Erin’s name was called  I flicked my phone to silent and entered the room.  Erin sat in the chair and proceeded through the test.  She was shy and wanted to hold my hand whilst she was checked.  After checking the health of her eyes it moved to the vision test.  It seems from the test that Erin’s vision had decreased a little from last year.  The vision in her right eye is now below normal and so rather than that elusive discharge we have a glasses test appointment to come.  At that appointment they will confirm whether Erin requires glasses.

Within a month we will have the appointment, her eyes will have some drops which will help them dilate and we will see whether glasses will help correct her vision.

Glasses don’t bother me.  I know she will rock the look and look beyond cute.  However I am concerned that once again it is her right side.  Much like the physio pointed out the right side of Erin’s body is much weaker – is this a co-incidence or is there more to it?

I also just feel that yet again she got a short straw.  She limps a little, has a leg length difference, has regular aches and pains, she has hypermobility, she has grommets, she has asthma, a heart murmur and now this.  All of it manageable but why does she have to keep managing things.  When is she going to catch a break?  Invisible conditions,  all of them which I am sure at times make me look and sound like an over protective paranoid mother.  Rather than being discharged we will have another appointment.  Another date to add to the calendar in the next month to sit alongside podiatry and cardiology.  Hopefully our car space will be saved for us!

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5 tips to get beautiful skin in the shower

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We’d all like to think we’re doing the best we can to keep our skin in tip-top condition. But unfortunately, life has a funny way of wrecking the best of intentions. If you’d like to look after your skin but work, kids, study, pets and social life keep getting in the way, then here’s a quick skin survival system that you can do while you take your daily shower.

Moisturising the skin

Taking your time to seal in moisture is an important part of keeping the skin beautiful. There are many ways of doing this. A super-quick method is to use a moisturising shower gel, which will help to keep some moisture in your skin. Alternatively, as soon as you step out of the shower, slather your skin in a high quality moisturiser. However, mornings can be a real rush, so if you want a top-speed solution, body spray oil can save you valuable minutes while giving you lovely moist skin.


Time in the shower is perfect for dealing with unwanted body or facial hair. While your leave-in conditioner is getting to work, use that time to apply fast-acting depilatory cream to your upper lip, and then deal with underarms, legs and bikini line by quickly apply shaving foam. Keep a magnifying mirror and tweezers handy so you can deal with stray eyebrow hairs too – they’ll come out much more easily in the shower because of all the steam, although you may have to demist your mirror. Within a couple of minutes, your unwanted hair will be long gone.


When your skin is smooth and hair-free, it’s time to get to work sloughing off dead skin cells. There are many ways to do this and you can choose from using an exfoliating mitt or shower scrunchie to apply your favourite shower gel. Or, if you prefer, you may like to splash out on some scented scrub for an extra-special treat.


The warm water will open your pores right up, making it easy to cleanse your skin thoroughly. If you’d like to close them quickly and enjoy a lovely toned feeling, you can splash your body with skin toner. Or, if you’re feeling very brave, try a contrast shower and give yourself an ultra-cold blitz for twenty seconds or so. Don’t overdo it though, once you start shivering, it’s time to grab the towel and get drying.


A good rub-down with a rough towel will do wonders for your circulation compared with using a soft fluffy towel. If your towels lean towards the luxurious, then try to roughen up a bath towel for the sake of your circulation. The easiest way to do this is to wash your towel without any fabric conditioner and let it dry naturally, rather than popping it in the tumble drier. As well as being invigorating, you’ll find that a rough towel dries you much more quickly, saving you valuable time.

So, armed with these five tips, you should find it easy to fit in a quick under the shower beauty routine. What’s more, once you get in the habit, it’s more likely to stick and to become a regular part of your daily life. It won’t take long to see a big difference in the way your skin looks and feels. And when friends and family start asking where you’ve found time to look after your skin so well, you can just smile mysteriously – and then share your secret!

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