Herpes Simplex Eye Infections and Dylan

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Yesterday saw Dylan at the hospital under the care of dermatology, a team which I had suggested last year would be useful to see with Dylan’s ongoing eye and skin issues.  Finally in the summer that referral was made by an amazing ENT consultant who actually took time to talk to Dylan and I about his ongoing eye problems.  Apparently our story of events doesn’t make sense which is why I think we have been fobbed off so much over the years.  Although we are sent to hospital each March /April time with Dylan in pain and looking unwell there was no idea why or how.  I was dismissed when I said I thought it was linked to hayfever and especially the first cutting of the grass.  Dyl has always had allergies but more recently doctors had thought it was shingles but couldn’t explain a link between spring and getting the blisters.  Every March / Apr for the past five years Dyl has ended up in hospital with this.

dyl 1

dyl 2

dylWell now we have a name and a treatment plan. It seems that whereas I get the occasional cold sore Dylan is getting these travelling up to his eyes rather than down to his mouth.  The times they thought he had shingles are in fact a much rarer type of Herpes Simplex Infections.  Swabs have confirmed this but what is more unusual is that Dylan’s are bilateral and can affect the upper and lower parts of his eyes. There is a real concern that if these go into his eyes they can cause permanent scaring  so now we will be having regular eye tests to check the health of his eye starting from next week.

This always flares up in March – May and I have told countless doctors this is when his hayfever is at its worst.  Well finally the dermatologist agreed as the hayfever suppresses his immunity which is already low.  This means the sunlight is probably triggering the virus to activate.  Knowing this means that Dylan will spend six months of the year taking antiviral medication that should stop the infection.  We won’t know until next spring if this will work  but at least we finally are being proactive.  It has taken a long time to get this far which seems crazy  and it makes him so poorly when he has an outbreak.  I hate getting a coldsore, it makes me grumpy, tired, run down and fed up plus it itches.  Imagine for Dylan how bad it gets when he gets clusters of them.  Then on top of that he often has to deal with secondary infections like cellulitus which require IV antibiotics.

What with SAT’s and school trip away for a week I really hope this won’t blight yet another summer.  For Dylan the health issues often stem from the secondary infections that develop like cellulitus  hopefully now it shouldn’t get that bad.  The consultant yesterday has said that he will see Dylan if ever we end up on children’s ward with this again.

I am feeling hopeful.


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Choose the right school

Written by Emma. Posted in Education

Today I have a guest post that gives some advice on choosing the right school, something that we are considering at the moment with Dylan

I remember an instance last year when my friend’s daughter had to be admitted into a school and she was comically investigative about which school has to be chosen. When asked she told me something I would never forget. She said, “This is going to be the first introduction of my child to the outer world and I want that to be the best no matter what.”

A school is a place where the child is shaped into an individual and paves a path for his entire life. We bring to you few simple things to look for when you are choosing it.

First ensure that you plan and pay frequent visits to the school, check its classrooms, refreshment area, playground, computer room etc. Most of the schools have an open day for the prospective parents. Ensure you go for it. Check with other parents around. Get to know the quality of pupils. Talk to one or two of them. While you talk to them ensure that you do not ask them in front of the teachers. They will lie.

Second, check the notice boards for the notices about extra-curricular activities conducted by the school. Schools are not just for education but to also make sure that the child’s growth is holistic. Physical, educational, logical, emotional… Growth in every form is essential.

Third, surf the net for any reviews that parents might have put up for the school you are choosing for your child. Internet these days gives a wide variety of good and bad reviews about almost everything and although some of it probably is never true, it still helps in decision making. If there are too many negative reviews and hardly one or two good ones, it definitely calls for a problem and you may want to re-think on your decision.

Take your child to the school and check with him/her how he/she feels about it. Your child’s first gut instinct can most of the times be true because small children are smart that way. They know exactly where their heart feels good and sense negativity soon.

Schooling is going to be an integral part of your child for about 10-12 years and hence you want to make sure that you get the best for him/her.  So once you choose a school, you would like to look for some good school products for your child. For some real good schooling stuff and discounts on them you may want to look into http://www.voucherbin.co.uk/.






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Autumn trends from Vertbaudet!

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We have had a beautiful warm summer but we all know it will shortly be drawing to a close.  We seem to be having a final hurrah of summer with some lovely September days.  I much prefer summer to winter but the one thing I do like is the change of season is a great excuse to buy new clothes!

Autumn / Winter colours and knits are appearing in all my favourite shops and I do like getting some new jumpers.  It seems that charcoal and plum colours will remain popular choices in children’s clothes.

Dress _ Fingerless Gloves Outfit_ charcoal_ from _22 - Vertbaudet _56-57_

Dress _ Leggings Outfit_ grey marl-navy_ _16 - Vertbaudet _138-139_




Dress, £19; Gilet, £14; Pack of 2 Tights, £14, Ankle Boots, £29

I had a look at Vertbaudet who happen to have a huge 30% off the entire new collection and choose a couple of pieces to review.  I selected a leggins and top combo which is super cute and comfy to wear.  Erin doesn’t have the body for jeans not yet ever finding her any that fit her, but this outfit looks lovely on her.  Each year I plan to get our garden sorted and we have recently had a bit of a garden makeover, therefore today Erin and I planted some bulbs ready to grace the garden come the spring.


I also selected this long cardigan as it is the perfect item for autumn.  The bit when you start feeling a nip in the air but don’t yet need a coat.  Now I just need to find one in my size!!

photo 1 (8) photo 2 (7)

What is your favourite autumn piece that you need in your wardrobe?


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POP Art Challenge

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Channel POP is popular with lots of little people including my Erin who loves to be creative.  I think because we did lots of craft when she was little and stuck in spica that she has really good fine motor skills and that coupled with her active imagination makes her want to make things!

She often sits at her little table and will spend ages sticking and gluing.  I am sure that we get through more glue than most households- we are forever topping up from art shops!  Therefore when I was invited to be part of a ‘POP’ art blogger challenge I knew Erin would have some good ideas.

Erin has been decorating old loo roles for a while now, turning them into little people and I thought it would be good to make a house for them.  However that was not in Erin’s plans, she decided that her people needed a stage as one of her people is a ballet dancer.  Erin is soon to start ballet which is where I guess her inspiration came from.  Therefore I dug out an old box, found some tissue paper, paint, glitter stars and left her in the capable hands of her big sister.

Together they had lots of fun, this was evident from the giggles I could hear!  The box was soon transformed to a stage which housed her people and the all important dancer.  I really like that this ensemble is still a box and I can pack it all away when she has finished playing with it.

It is not too late for you to get involved or even better vote for Erin’s entry which I will have a link to soon.  If we win it would make us very happy!

photo 1 (7)

photo 2 (6)

photo 3 (3)


You can watch POP on the following channels Freeview channel 125, Sky Digital channel 616 and Freesat Channel 603.

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