Gala Bingo’s Most Famous Coronation Street Quotes

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​Coronation Street is the longest running soap opera in the world, as well as being one of the most popular with viewers. Its desire to portray gritty storylines injected with high drama is what makes the show so well-liked. Over the last 54 years, there have been plots and characters that have resonated with us and become part of our lives, such as the horror we all felt when Richard Hillman went on his killing spree, or the fantastic one liners that escaped Blanche’s mouth. All these factors and so much more have made for a great show.
​Although the soap opera is nowhere near its final curtain call, it is now moving its set to new cobbled streets elsewhere. To celebrate this next stage in the shows ‘life’, Gala Bingo, who have an official partnership with Coronation Street, are celebrating with a range of promotions and events. What’s more, in keeping with their Corrie games, they have also put together a full list of the most famous quotes in the shows illustrious history.

Here are some of Gala’s favourites…
 “Elsie Tanner’s heart is where a fella’s wallet is – and the bigger the wallet, the more heart she’s got”.
This iconic quote from Hilda Ogden is about her thoughts of the then ‘street siren’, Elsie Tanner. This unforgettable and opinionated character is still amongst people’s favourites today, and is why the quote is still a classic.
 “Listen, you’ve got legs longer than I am, and you’re an ex pole dancer, so something tells me it’s a bit easier for you to find blokes, do you know what I mean?”
A proper corker from Janice Battersby when on a quest to find love at the Singles Night at the Rovers. It perfectly captures what Janice is about, and accurately sums up how many of us feel when looking for love.
 “I don’t see your gran because she died. You don’t see your daughter because you hit Charlie Stubbs over the head with an ornament”.
Ah, yet another reason why Deirdre will forever be a woman after our own hearts. This memorable quote from 2010 was in response to Tracy saying she understood her mum missing Blanche.
 “This turkey is so dry, it could choke a camel”.
We couldn’t have Deirdre in our top five without a word or two from Blanche, after all, she was the queen of classic quotes. This quote was her reactions to her daughter’s Christmas dinner; haven’t we all wanted to say this but never have?
 “No there’s never been a law about lesbians, I’ve Googled it”.
Love or hate her, Sally Webster has said some truly memorable quotes, and this one is one of our favourites. Although said in 2010, this quote will surely stand the test of time and be around in years to come.
​There are so many more excellent one liners we could have used, but this little list includes some of the best from the more comprehensive version Gala have put together. Of course, these only scratch the surface of the many quotes that help make Coronation Street the classic it is today.

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A letter on your last day at nursery

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Princess Erin Rose

Today was always going to be emotional.  I am not sure what you have done to me, you have this innate ability to reduce me to tears.  I’m not sure if its because you are the youngest, my last baby or because of the battles you have faced with health. You were up early for you today Erin, and keen to get to nursery for ‘your last day’.  I don’t think you really comprehend ‘last day’  In your excitable four year olds head last day seem to mean until after our holiday.  You know you are starting school and you are so excited but I don’t think you realise one door is shutting behind whilst a new door opens.

As I dropped you off, Julie said goodbye to me as she was only working part of the day and those words bought the emotions to the front and I shed a tear.  I didn’t expect to cry dropping you off!

It’s just that you have been through so much already.  More than most.  Your hip was broken and it has held you back, but you have also been diagnosed with asthma, had grommits fitted, and diagnosed with hypermobility.  You wear orthotics and still get more tired than most.  Yet nursery have been with us every step of the way.  I have sat and cried to the staff after hospital appointments when it all got too much.  You stopped going to nursery whilst we battled the spica cast but we visited and they certainly helped you on the road to recovery.  The wonderful staff were as shocked as me when you were diagnosed with DDH.  Although you were so late to walk no one realised just what lay ahead for you.

Since being back you made firm friends and let nothing stop you.  Your bravery and determination is admirable.  Your friends have been amazing and they all support you in a way only children do.  At softplay you try to keep up and yell at them to help you.  I have watched them climb higher higher and then turn around and pull you up – or the person behind give you a helping push!  They help and don’t even think about it.

Today I arrived to pick you up and as you greeted me you were shrieking about your last day.  Liz grabbed you to give you a cuddle and her eyes filled.  I warned her to stop but she didn’t and that started me off!  There were others I didn’t get to say goodbye too, those that you love like Bronte and Emily but they know and we popped some treats into the staff room to share our thanks.

As we left Kim whispered that you were amazing as I thanked her through my tears.  And Erin, you are amazing.  Each member of staff has helped shape you, each has supported you and we have been lucky.  The road hasn’t always been easy but I know that you have always been happy and safe at nursery.  Now the next door opens and you are heading towards full time education.  You will be fine, you will be awesome and whatever happens with the ddh we will continue to take on full on.

Lots of love Mummy xx



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Holiday wear for teens

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This week we the teen and I have been busy getting the wardrobes ready for our summer holiday. We need a mixture of clothes for the theme parks as we are off to Disney but also outfits for the meals we have booked. I have a couple of nice nights out planned for example Lee and myself are heading out to Cirque du soleil and leaving the children with the grandparents.

New Look is one of Chloe’s favourites as the clothes are at a good price point for a teen and the fashion changes fast. this way she can stick with the trends. Chloe bought a few bodycon pieces as at 14 this suits she shape. She also wanted a kimino style top, she even got me buying one! It will be a good cover up for in the warm evenings when I just want something on my arms.

Summer wardrobe
Chloe models the skirt and top in this photo.

The only thing missing in the photo is the watch that she is coveting!  That is her all sorted for the Florida trip we just now need to get packing!

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How to entertain children in the holidays.

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Following on from my post sharing how some of my favourite bloggers are carving out some me time over the summer holidays I have devised my own plan!

I will be scheduling in some play dates for Dylan so that he is entertained, and by sharing this with some other mums we all get a break every now and then. I have also been looking at some day courses that Dylan will enjoy, for example we have some football workshops organised by the local team.  Dylan will enjoy this especially as some of his friends will be going.  At age 10 I am letting him go further afield now and he is going out with friends more.  I know he plans to spend some more time at the skatepark with his new scooter learning some stunts.  It seems strange that he is starting to need me less to entertain him.

Chloe pretty much comes and goes by herself I just need to ensure that she is fed and watered regularly!  Erin though is finishing nursery once we have been on holiday and I will need to find ways to entertain her.  Thankfully lots of trips to the park seems to satisfy her and the advantage of having the teen is that she will take her little sister out aswell.

I have also stocked up on craft supplies for Erin as she loves drawing, play doh and sticking.  She can spend ages doing this – much more that the other two ever did.  I imagine that is due to her being less physical than Dyl and Chloe.

After winning Merlin passes I plan to have some days out for all us.  I will take picnics too as the children love eating in the great outdoors.  I have legoland, Warwick Castle and Madame Taussards all on the to do list.

In order to get some more me time where I can have a breather from being mum I will be running myself baths using my gorgeous cowshed bath gel from Presents For Men.  I will then shut the door and relax in peace with a magazine or book.  I also enjoy sitting out in the garden in the evening when the children have gone to bed.  We have a beautiful garden surrounded by trees and there is nothing better than listening to nature, I will have my drinking fudge to hand and sit and contemplate the day.

Disclosure: I was gifted the treats mentioned from Presents for men, who do treats for women aswell!

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