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My financial golden nuggets with TSB

My Golden nuggets letter to my daughter Chloe we have talked about you getting a part time job next year and I know that you want to earn more money than the allowance I give you each week - your … [Read More...]



What options are available after GCSE’s?

Schools and Education have changed so much and one thing I am often asked by parents is how to choose a school now.  My answer is to look beyond Ofsted reports and spend time visiting schools and


The changing face of fatherhood

Fatherhood has changed over the past couple of decades as families have become more symmetrical and share the responsibility of paid work and childcare.  Whilst in my experience (and from those I talk


Growing up and letting go.

The teen has completed her Science core GCSE this year which is a year early.  It is an approach that many schools now undertake.  By taking either Science or English a year early it means that there


Always a winner!

Yesterday was sports day, the younger two donned their red shirts to represent their house and I did too! All morning I watched as the skies got darker and those big splodges of rain that had been

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Wednesdays Wardrobe – Angel Face Review

Erin has never done jeans she rocks pretty skirts and dresses. When she was in spica, trousers were not an option and after spica they never became part of her wardrobe. Erin is a girly girl, she

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Fathers Day ideas from ScottsMenswear

Fathers Day is just around the corner and my three have been plotting!  My husband is known for hoarding clothes - well hoarding might not be exactly the right word but nonetheless he has clothes that … [Read More...]


Wednesdays Wardrobe – more shoes!

A heatwave has been promised and I'll believe it when I see it!  I cannot remember a time when I have put the heating on in June before yesterday (don't tell the husband).  The wind is howling and I'm … [Read More...]


Why blogging is an easy job

For the past nine months I have been doing a different job.   I leapt from the structure and safety of a regular wage to the unknown realm of freelancing.  Along the way I have learnt of the pitfalls … [Read More...]


What my child thinks of me…

I have seen this list of questions going around on Facebook and thought I'd join in.  I spotted them on Laura's facebook rather than her blog but decided to put mine here. I don't know if it started … [Read More...]

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Visiting Cambridge

When I think of Cambridge I imagine the University and a city full of school charm and academics.  However there seems to be much more going on this this bustling city which offers plenty of … [Read More...]

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Win £100 to spend at Wayfair

After quite a tough week I thought I'd on a high!  I realise that this week I have dragged readers through an emotional turmoil with me sharing my posts on a broken NHS and Erin's hip pain.  Yet it is … [Read More...]



At the weekend we had a day trip to our local hospital.  We know the place pretty well having spent more than enough time there in the past.  As most people know Erin has had hip dysplasia.  It's one … [Read More...]

Baby Annabelle

Baby Annabell toy review

Erin loves babies and this weekend she had the real thing when the Molly came to visit her with her gorgeous baby.  It was fair to say that Erin was in love and would not leave baby alone. It was … [Read More...]