10 fun things you can get for free

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We’re all looking at ways to cut back, life can get expensive after all, so what if we said you could get some fun things… for free?

10. Get some ‘you time’

Get some fun ‘you time’ in, with a laptop and some online games. There are tonnes of sites out there to choose from whether you enjoy basic puzzle games, exciting shooters or shouting out on Mecca Bingo – plus if you put down £10 you can play with a free £50! Free virtual money? We’re in!

  1. Get a cut

Colleges up and down the country have lots of young men and women training to be hairdressers who need real life models to test their skills out on. If you’re feeling brave then look out for the next free hair cut event and head on down, just keep in mind that they will be a little adventurous, your haircut will go towards their final grade so needs to look like a radical transformation!

  1. Get some exercise

Exercise is free after all, so put on your trainers and head outside for a brisk walk. You’ll get satisfaction, fun and increased fitness from it. That’s three things. You could also look into trial days at gyms in your town – especially those that have a spa and pool – sign up for a one day trial, do some exercise and then relax in the Jacuzzi!

  1. Get coupons

Yes, you might have had to spend money to get coupons, stamps on a card or a money off voucher but why not save all these money off or free items and use them on the same day? Free coffee at your favourite café for buying six cups, 70p off an 80p can of drink at Tesco and if you’re a student flash that University ID card and get free food at McDonalds.

  1. Get caffeinated

Head to your local Waitrose to pick up some odds and ends and while you’re there you’re entitled to a free hot cup of tea or coffee. Free cuppa, need we say anymore?

  1. Get organised

Get an overwhelming sense of achievement, after taking an hour or so to arrange your wardrobe by colour or clear out your utensil drawer.

  1. Get returning

Whilst you’re organising that wardrobe, have a clear out at the same time and take any clothes you’ve recently bought with their tags still on back to the shop to get a return. Most stores will give you money back or a credit note, so you can get something you actually want or need rather than have that dress just hanging around in the wardrobe, never to be worn. Of course we don’t condone wearing an item and then returning it, that’s called return fraud guys.

  1. Get altering

Still on the theme of clothes, if you have a sewing machine and time on your hands you can alter any clothes that are too big, too long, missing buttons etc. for free – rather than paying for expensive tailoring. The UK size chart system is out of date, which means that our clothes don’t quite fit right usually, so if there is anything hanging in your wardrobe which you can’t wear due to its size, amend it yourself and get a whole new outfit for free.

  1. Get lucky

Have you rooted at the back of your cupboard lately for those tins that you know are there, but aren’t completely sure what they are? Well then, get rummaging and encourage your friends to do the same, then rustle up dishes using the ingredients you find and invite everyone round to try each others creations. It’s the perfect excuse for ‘free’ food, socialising and fun.

  1. Get a furry friend

No we’re not saying go out to your local field and take a hedgehog home – although they are very cute – nowadays with everyone working longer hours you can look after someone’s pet for free or foster a dog who is waiting to be rehomed. Fostering will require you to be patient, capable of training dogs basic skills and have plenty of time on your hands to show lots of affection to an animal which might not have had the best start in life.


Try some of these fun ideas out and see what you can get in return!


Disclosure:  This is a guest post for Debbie Fletcher


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Asthma, winter bugs, Mr Bump and Erin.

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Erin doesn’t get it easy  and she is a tough little cookie however she seems to have a new sticker collection that she is enjoying collecting.  We all know how kids will do almost anything for a sticker well Erin seems to have taken this to a whole new level.  At school there is Mr Bumps room for if the child takes a tumble in the playground or feels poorly.  Now I knew that Erin would probably be a frequent visitor due to how much she falls over and bumps her herself but it seems that she is enjoying the attention it brings.

Yesterday she came home sporting the coveted sticker and when I asked her why, she informed me that she had hit her head on the table.  She then regaled the tale of how her three friends had also needed Mr Bumps help after various tumbles and falls.  This morning she shared with me that she wondered what would happen to her today to get a sticker from Mr Bump!  The girl is seriously becoming a hypochondriac for the love of stickers!

This time of year is always challenging for Erin.  Whilst the ground and road signs were coated in frost this morning I just hope the icy fingers stay off her chest.

beautiful cobwebs

Erin has already had three chest infections since starting school full time in October.  She seems to have finally outgrown the croup which was awful to listen too and always scared me, and resulted in many late night trips to hospital.  But the winter still plays heavily on her chest and asthma.  At times it all just gets too much for her!

Suffering with  a poorly chest.

Suffering with a poorly chest.


Therefore it was lovely to recieve a winter kit from ultra chloraseptic that included some honey and lemon to make Erin a soothing drink.  There were also some winter goodies for me.  However I will be keeping these handy cards and advice where the children can see them.  These are great reminders how to hopefully reduce the likely of catching the winter sore throat.

photo 2 (17) photo 1 (17)


Using this advice might just help us keep going until Christmas when we can all rest up and relax somewhat.  I’d like to thank Ultra Chloraseptic for taking car of us.


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Winter Warmers from Vertbaudet

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The weather has definitely got colder and Dylan has finally put away his shorts.  The boy has legs made of steel and has been wearing his shorts even though I told him that in my books it was winter!  Erin though feels the cold and has been enjoying wrapping up in winter woolies and boots for a while.

Erin’s bendy ankles require her to wear supportive shoes and boots.  They need to fit her little insoles that help position her feet and stop her falling so much.  I had spent quite a while looking for some good winter boots before being offered some by Vertbaudet who have 25% off everything today. They arrived and we are loving them.



These are leather boots and made easy for little ones to put on themselves. they cost £39 but are offer right now at £29.25  I actually love them and would buy more if needed!  Erin completed her look with a wintery feel jumper also from Vertbaudet at just £16.50 in the special offer.



Both of these products really suit her colouring and will be wardrobe staples for the coming colder months!  Vertbaudet has become for me one of the first places I look for clothes for Erin.  I find they always fit well, are well made and very well priced.  I also like that she is often wearing different things to her friends.  The jumper is age 5 which Erin is and you can see that the proportions are just right for her.  The length of the sleeves are perfect as is the neck hole.  The boots are size 10 and come in a black patent if that is more your look.


Disclosure:  I was gifted the jumper and boots for the review.  All words , thoughts and opinions are mine.



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Homemade Christmas sweet treats

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As a child I always made my grandparents a box of sweet treats.  I would spend the day in the kitchen and prepare these goodies with lots of love.  They would then be put into a little cardbox that Christmas cards came in.  I really enjoyed making them for many years.  My recipes were all trial and error and included chocolate dipped glacé cherries and marshmallows.  I know my grandparents appreciated them and still they mention them now.  Therefore when Waitrose asked if I’d like to get involved and make some goodies I was immediately transported back to my childhood and the nostalgia set in!  Waitrose have made it easy by  sharing Christmas recipes to make on their website.  I decided, along with Erin who is off school with a another chest infection, to try some new ideas and incorporate my childhood sweets.

To get us started Waitrose sent me a hamper of goodies.



I had big plans, but I forget Erin is still only five and she wanted demanded to be able to do it all herself.  thankfully she could, maybe not to the finest detail I had planned but sometimes you have to accept that little hands want to do it themselves.  It may not look as perfect as you had imagined in your head, but it was made with love, enthusiasm and lots of mess!

One thing I hadn’t done before is sugar craft but after seeing Liz’s post on peppermint cream snowflakes I decided to add this to my efforts as I knew Erin could do this. It is also a really good activity for developing fine motor skills in young children.



For ease of little fingers we just added them to biscuits and stuck them on with a blob of melted chocolate.  Erin rather enjoyed dunking the biscuits in chocolate too!



We also had a go at decorating marshmallows.  this is one of my favourite treats and is super easy for young children to do.


We decorated with some Waitrose holly cake decorators


Finally we also decorated some ready made cakes using the edible rice paper woodland friends wafers.



This was a lovely way to spend time with Erin whilst it was just the two of us.  My role was more supervisory which actually on reflection is a good thins.  Erin practiced new skills and really enjoyed the activity.  The older two approved as they tucked in when they were home from school for a Friday treat!  We have decided that we will definitely do this again in December and give them to their great grandparents, it will be a lovely reminder of what I used to do when I was a child.



Disclosure:  Waitrose gifted me the hamper and a voucher to make the treats.  Thoughts, pictures and words all my own.

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