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Wednesday’s Wardrobe

With the weather gettinga little brighter and the evenings a little brighter it is time to start thinking about summer wardrobes.  Out will go the big chunky boots and big coats soon to be replaced … [Read More...]

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Growing a fairy triad – review

We have a wobbly tooth and Erin is rather excited by this although I'm not so sure what she will make of it when it actually falls out!  She has been talking about the tooth fairy and asking me how … [Read More...]


What you you pack for visiting Wales

One of the many benefits of parenting tweens and teens is that you can once again pick up any hobbies that you may have put down for a few years. As a parent is it easy to abandon our own past times … [Read More...]

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Win with JD X PUMA

Running is a new found hobby and I am feeling really good that I know now that when I go out to run 5K I can do it without stopping and also in about 34 minutes which is a real achievement for me.  I … [Read More...]

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Wednesdays Wardrobe

It has been a while since I have written a Wednesday Wardrobe post.  Wednesdays Wardrobe is a linky that is perfect for all fashion and clothing posts.  Erin has a wardrobe for many to envy and I have … [Read More...]


Getting disco ready

A big smile playing on her lips as Erin talks excitedly about both the upcoming school disco and one of her new friends parties that is being held at the weekend.  These are the dreams of a little … [Read More...]


What can’t you live without?

We have two alarms in our room and I am so conditioned that I only hear the second. The first alarm is for Lee at some early hour and 'my' alarm is not until 7.30 am. Once that alarm rings it signals … [Read More...]

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Sofa fun for mum, this Mother’s day

As Mother’s Day arrives on Sunday, Sofaworks has come up with a few simple ideas for how to enjoy the day. There’s no better gift for Mother’s Day than the gift of time. Why not spend some quality … [Read More...]


A contactless payment with TSB

Erin's world revolves around a few things and it is fair to say that she is a creature of routine. Erin's likes include the ipad which is what she enjoys spending time doing.  When Erin is not at … [Read More...]