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Toys for six year olds

I can spend hours in a department store - I will wander from department to department enjoying looking at different sections of the store. I browse, I smell toiletries, try on clothes, look at

Tutorfair Website

How tutoring can help your child

Although term is just ending we need to remember that learning takes places not just in a classroom.  Whether you are about to go on your travels or are having a staycation your children will still be

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Bratz are back

Bratz Are Back Last week I headed to London and to the Sanderson Hotel especially to see the launch of the new Bratz Dolls.  Now I remember the Bratz dolls the first time around and my now 15 year

Tiggly Review

Tiggly Review

Tiggly is the new kid on the block when it comes to helping your children to be smart which is why I agreed to carry out this Tiggly review . Erin loves the iPad and will use it for all manner of


Schools out!

Suitcases down from the loft (well actually I didn't put them away after Corsica), travel documents printed, magazines to keep the children occupied during the trip and sweets bought so ears don't pop


Cornbury Festival Review

I am rather late to the whole festival thing but I'm glad to say that I'm catching up after going to my first festival with the family last weekend.  Cornbury Festival is held not far from me in the

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Accidential discrimination

This post has been pootling about in  my head for a few weeks and won't seem to leave until I write it down, but it is a muddled set of ideas and I'm not sure how to say it all, so if it's jumbled … [Read More...]


Family here and now

As term finally draws to an end and we look forward to six weeks of family fun I have been reflecting on just how much my childhood is the same and different to my children's and I am pleased that … [Read More...]

Updating a teens bedroom on a budget

This weekend has seen us updating the outside of the house. The house is rendered and now that it has reached the grand age of 12 it was starting to look a little weathered in places. Having a cream … [Read More...]

black eye

Speaking out #likeagirl

At sixteen I was knocked out.  It was a pretty big deal and it went on to give me some quite serious medical head injuries that took a long time to heal.  I was unlucky.  I was in a PE lesson, I was … [Read More...]


Travelling with Holidays Gems

Travelling is one of life's luxuries and I have so many places I plan to visit over the next ten years.  I enjoy everything about travelling from getting there to seeing the local sites, trying new … [Read More...]


Windsurfing and me

I am just back for an amazing week in sunny Corsica, I popped over for the week taking both Dylan and Erin.  We had an amazing time learning new skills and refreshing old ones thanks to Mark Warner … [Read More...]