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Erin cleans her dolls teeth before getting dressed.

Spring cleaning the home.

It is a little earlier than in previous years but I feel that it might be time to change over the wardrobes - wahoo. Some of those chunky knits can be put away for a few months and the white jeans can … [Read More...]



My Spa break at Whittlebury Hall Review

The sun was shining as we arrived at Whittlebury Hall last Monday for a spa break. I love the school holidays and being with the children but Lee and I have very little time on our own and it was


French Loaf for relaxing.

I was woken by an alarm this morning as the new school term interrupts our family fun.  I enjoy being with my children and always have mixed feeling when term starts once again.  I can get back to


Getting young girls into Science

I married a scientist who had worked in many labs both making cosmetic products and then medicines.  I met him aged 20 when he had ambitions to be a science teacher.  It is a career in which he has

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Dress to Impress at your next Job Interview

There are a number of ways to feel fulfilled in life, from living in a home that ticks all of your boxes to having a wardrobe that is capable of reflecting every mood you could ever possibly have. We

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Books to inspire girls

Raising girls

There is still a gender gap in today's modern society and unless we keep talking about it nothing will change. Men still earn more than women, this currently stands at an 18% pay gap and men still … [Read More...]

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Wednesdays Wardrobe and Hotter Shoes

I had a real treat this week as Lee and I were invited to Whittlebury Hall for a spa and hotel break. This involved a very rare night away without children. The spa was lovely and a full review will … [Read More...]


Star Stable Review

Being online is a way of life now shopping, playing games and of course social media.  Just ten years ago shopping online became a thing and now we don't think twice about shopping online.  It makes … [Read More...]


Wednesday’s Wardrobe

With the weather gettinga little brighter and the evenings a little brighter it is time to start thinking about summer wardrobes.  Out will go the big chunky boots and big coats soon to be replaced … [Read More...]