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Win £100 to spend at Wayfair

After quite a tough week I thought I'd on a high!  I realise that this week I have dragged readers through an emotional turmoil with me sharing my posts on a broken NHS and Erin's hip pain.  Yet it is … [Read More...]




At the weekend we had a day trip to our local hospital.  We know the place pretty well having spent more than enough time there in the past.  As most people know Erin has had hip dysplasia.  It's one

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Wednesdays Wardrobe – the sporty edition

My teenage daughter has two looks.  One is the trendy, fashion conscious wardrobe of skinny jeans, crop tops and anything with a TopShop label and the second is the sporty look. Hoodies emblazoned


Are parents to blame for inactive kids?

Once more it has been in the media that today's generation of children are more unfit and at risk of obesity.  It seems to have become a moral panic that all our children are getting fatter and that

Baby Annabelle

Baby Annabell toy review

Erin loves babies and this weekend she had the real thing when the Molly came to visit her with her gorgeous baby.  It was fair to say that Erin was in love and would not leave baby alone. It was


A broken NHS

We needed the NHS this weekend like we have needed it many times in the past.  We woke up on Sunday morning and our five year old could not walk.  She limped.  Erin is a frequent user of the NHS and

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Having the mum chat

Do you remember having 'the chat' when you were going through puberty?  I remember my mum giving me a book about Peter and Pamela and being pretty embarrassed by the naked body pictures.  I wasn't … [Read More...]


Being fifteen and stopping time.

When I look at Chloe now who is fifteen I just want to stop time.  I remember being fifteen like it was yesterday it was a time of friends, school, sport and fun.  I had barely a care in the world … [Read More...]

Bucks New Uni

Considering Universities

This time of year would usually be my busiest, in my old life as Head of Sociology I would be frantically be running last minute revision sessions, I would undoubtedly have GCSE, AS Level and A2 … [Read More...]


Pampers Celebrates #everybaby

On the same day that the nation celebrates one special birth, Pampers partners with award winning director to celebrate #everybaby I was caught up in the news yesterday and was eagerly keeping one … [Read More...]

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Wednesday’s wardrobe in the sun

The sun has been shining again this week and as a result Erin has been wearing the new sunhat I bought her from FatFace. Erin is not a cap girl much preferring full hats and she spotted this one … [Read More...]