Taking the kids to Egypt

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The wonders of Egypt are wide and vast, and waiting to be explored. The sheer amount of history that resides within its borders, not to mention its unique culture, make it a prime place to take a family holiday. With so many sights and sounds, children and adults alike will be enthralled. Here are some highlights of what a family can expect on a trip to Egypt.


The pyramids

No holiday to Egypt would be complete without a visit to the pyramids. These marvels of human achievement dominate the skyline, and one look will take your breath away. Today, there are over 100 pyramids, the most famous being the Pyramids of Giza. The most famous of these is the Pyramid of Khufu, better known as the “Great Pyramid”. Upon seeing it, do not be surprised if all the members in your family turn into a kid for a bit, gazing with childlike wonder at this majestic sight.

The water

One aspect of Egypt that often gets overlooked is the beauty of its coast. Bordering the Red Sea, Egypt is Africa’s go to destination when it comes to fun in the sun, no place more so than Sharm El-Sheikh. Located on the Gulf of Aqaba, Sharm El-Sheikh boasts a thriving and diverse marine life, where visitors can snorkel and see the amazing coral reefs. There are too many watersports available to mention, but rest assured kids of all ages will have endless fun. If you do get tired of the water, there are national parks and markets close by, which serve as a welcome diversion before the fun in the water commences again.

Explore the desert

We’ve all had dreams of being Indiana Jones, except without all the danger involved. Egypt is the perfect place to satisfy the adventurer in the family, without having to get into trouble! Try taking a bedouin tour to the desert, where you’ll learn how to find firewood without killing living trees, and other desert survival tips. All that is followed by a camp-out underneath the stars: a perfect family bonding time.

Things to keep in mind

It’s hot in Egypt, and children are more susceptible to heatstroke and dehydration than adults. That’s why it’s important to make sure they are wearing sunscreen and a sun blocking hat. Also, the local food, while delicious, can cause upset stomachs in children. Anti-diarrhoea pills are usually not recommended for young children, so it’s smart to consult a doctor beforehand in preparation.

Egypt has a wealth of things to offer, whether it’s a solo traveller or a large family. It’s a place of fun and wonderment, and will keep you coming back for more.


Image Dominic Sayers, used under the Creative Commons license.

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Making busy evening that bit easier #afterschoolchefs

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I have opted out of the rat race. It just all got too much, teaching GCSE and A Levels alongside my own broken children. Hospital visits became tiring and I felt like nobody was winning.  Now my days are filled with keeping on top of the housework, helping our children with their homework and projects and taking them to their various after school activities and I am loving it.  The house is calmer, this weekend I ran between helping Chloe with homework, designing  a holiday leaflet with Dylan and sorting Erin out with her demands.  We even had time to go out for a walk in the afternoon.  the landscape used to be very different with both Lee and I needing to do our prep and marking.  Teaching is such a worthwhile job but right now our children need my attention more.

My darling husband now thinks that my days are endless coffee mornings and watching daytime TV.  He is so wrong but I am enjoying the slower pace and the opportunity to walk the children to school and then go for a quick run all before 9.30.

Yet 3.30pm can be a different kettle of fish.  It gets noisy and busy  and some evenings are so full on that I am still pulling my hair out.  Take Monday afternoons / evenings that go a little bit like this.

1. 2.50 walk to school to collect Erin

2. Get home and provide cuddles and snacks.

3. 4.00pm Dylan arrives home after Choir practise and he needs a meal before going to Football training at 6pm

4. Collect Chloe from her school ( a drive away) at 5pm and take her staright to ance school.

5. Get back home at 5.20 and ensure Dyl is ready and feed Erin.

6. Collect Dylan at 7.30

7. chloe home at 8.45pm and feed her.

As you can tell it’s busy and I know that this is the case for many parents.  That’s why I am glad Birdseye gives parents a helping hand by making dinner times easier when needed.  Here Erin shares our family routine in a little vlog.

My three all have different tastes too and with help from Birdseye I can create the base meal and dress it with their favourites. Here they are eating Fish from the Inspirations range and croquettes.  My freezer is stocked with Birdseye Frozen Veg like sweetcorn and peas this means I can create a healthy dinner in a matter of 20 minutes when time is precious.  Each child helps along the way as said in the vlog. Chloe will choose to have salad with hers.


Whilst Dylan will always opt for baked beans.





As Erin said in the vlog her choice will be vegetables and especially brocolli which is her favourite.


What could Birdseye do to make life even easier, well according to Erin it is to make cakes too!  This post is an entry for #Afterschoolchefs Linky Challenge Afterschool Chefs sponsored by Birds Eye. Learn more on the Bird Eye Facebook Page.” and linking to http://bit.ly/afterschoolchefs My advice would be that busy parents need a drawer like this in their freezer and then dinner time really is easy for those busy evenings.

disclosure:  I received vouchers for Birdseye food to try the range but thoughts, opinions and photography is my own.

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How to use the internet to make some extra cash

Written by Emma. Posted in online life

The uncertainty of the present economic situation means that many people are searching for ways of earning additional money – or saving it. There are several effective ways of managing these goals and here are some of the best ones for saving your cash or earning a little bit extra.

Saving Money

The method: use discount sites for days out

Why it is a great way to save money: There are websites that give the best deals for any activity – from eating out to day trips – so you can use it again and again.

How it is achievable: try sites such as vouchercodes.co.uk or groupon.co.uk to see the latest deals (they are updated every day).

Examples: you can use Tesco Clubcards to accumulate points needed for theme park trips.

Is it simple to do? It sometimes requires patience (e.g. the Clubcard example), but otherwise, yes.

Making Money

The method: sell your old CDs, DVDs or mobiles

Why it is a great way to make money: because there are plenty of ways – from Ebay to high street shops – that accept them.

How it is achievable: if you sell in person, take them in for valuations. If you sell online, input the barcodes.

Examples: the website Mazumamobile.com will give you £90 for a fully operational iPhone 4.

Is it simple to do? Absolutely – as long as you have items of this kind that you don’t need or use anymore.

Of course some people want to have a little fun and adventure while they are making extra money.

The method: online gaming

Why it is a great way to make money: there are loads of games to choose from, so you can pick one that suits

How it is achievable: sign up with an online casino, pick the game you feel comfortable with and don’t bet more than you can afford.

Examples: slot games like Soccer Safari offer low risk and high payout odds.

Is it simple to do? Yes, if you pick a game you understand. If you haven’t gambled before, stick with the online slots or online pokies as it is also known down under.



Disclosure:  This is guest content.

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Are you planning next years holiday yet?

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No sooner than the washing was done and the suitcases put away in the attic after the Disneyworld holiday the children started the chorus of ‘where are we going next year?’  It is fair to say that my little family love travelling. However we are lucky as we are off on a press trip to Portaventura during October Half Term and therefore we get one last wear of this years summer clothes before they too are folded away until next year (if the children haven’t grown too much).  To be fair Chloe and Dylan have some pretty awesome holidays on their horizons already as next year Chloe will go to Ardeche  with School whilst Dylan has a five night school trip to Oakhampton, Devon with his classmates.  The following year Chloe has the holiday I am jealous of as she will be going to Canada on sports tour which takes in a trip to Vancouver and Niagra Falls, both of those are on my dream holiday list.

As the winter starts creeping into my view and the cold starts nipping at my fingers I daydream of summer as I much prefer the suns warmth to the winter chills that force me to layer up and keep the windows closed.  My tastes in holiday locations are changing now that the children are older.  Only a few years ago a holiday was a time to lounge about and so long as there were things on hand for the children I was content.  For a holiday to be successful I wanted everything easy for the children because if I had happy children I too was happy.

Now however we crave different things, we want places with good dining as we like to try new foods and soak up culture.  Cruises seem to becoming more popular amongst my friends and this is something I would love to experience, Penny and Jennifer have certainly made me think  differently about cruising with children.  It seems that you have all the luxury of a liner with the added advantage of stopping off and seeing the sights.  If I were to cruise I would like to take in the Northern Lights another on my list of things to do.  One of the advantages of doing a cruise is that it is a cheaper way of seeing the northern lights!  I do like to be economical too!

Going on one of the Baltic cruises would tick off a number on my wish list.  When I was a teenager I was lucky enough to visit Russia and I would very much like to go back and see how it has changed.  The country captivated me at my first stay with its impressive architecture at St Basil’s Cathedral which is the iconic image of Russia and the amazing hospitality we received from our Russian hosts.  It was the place I ate Frog after all

Seeing these countries whilst having the cruise and the vast experiences that brings would give me the holiday of a lifetime.  I like a bit of luxury and can see myself dining with the captain and managing a few cocktails in exquisite bars, topped off with the odd spa treatment.  What more could I possibly want in a holiday!!



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