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Family walking holiday with HF Holidays review

This is part two of our recent family walking holiday with HF Holidays. The first post featured the  attractive accomodation, fabulous food and the lively leaders so now I am going to detail the walks


How to get a bedroom ready for secondary school.

With another Bank Holiday weekend about to happen and the weather forecast is yet more rain there will be many turning to DIY this weekend.  whether that is fixing up things on the to do list or

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Why I am looking forward to September!

Is it September yet?  Not because I am wanting the children back at school II actually enjoy their company and being a ble to get out and about with them but because September is looking to be a fun


How well do you know your local town?

I thought I knew Gloucester quite well having been born and bred in the county however today I learnt a few new things like Thomas Yate was the Mayor of Gloucester in 1665.  I know this because today

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Get Comfortable

I have been able to head to London for a few events recently and there was one that I certainly wanted to attend.  I wrote recently that I wanted too really empower girls more and to encourage them to … [Read More...]

Nothing but

Needing to slow down!

This summer we seem to have been busier than usual and have been zipping about all over the place, we have enjoyed using our Merlin passes to visit Warwick Castle, we have been on a walking holiday … [Read More...]

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Imagining a dream home

On my recent travels I have seen some beautiful houses and homes from Spanish homes with traditional wooden shutters to English country houses with rose gardens and this got me thinking about my dream … [Read More...]


Maximising space in a small bedroom

Ideally we would all have enough space in our bedrooms to store our clothes and treasured belongings and still be able to move freely, but the reality is that large bedrooms are becoming increasingly … [Read More...]