Holiday wear for teens

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This week we the teen and I have been busy getting the wardrobes ready for our summer holiday. We need a mixture of clothes for the theme parks as we are off to Disney but also outfits for the meals we have booked. I have a couple of nice nights out planned for example Lee and myself are heading out to Cirque du soleil and leaving the children with the grandparents.

New Look is one of Chloe’s favourites as the clothes are at a good price point for a teen and the fashion changes fast. this way she can stick with the trends. Chloe bought a few bodycon pieces as at 14 this suits she shape. She also wanted a kimino style top, she even got me buying one! It will be a good cover up for in the warm evenings when I just want something on my arms.

Summer wardrobe
Chloe models the skirt and top in this photo.

The only thing missing in the photo is the watch that she is coveting!  That is her all sorted for the Florida trip we just now need to get packing!

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How to entertain children in the holidays.

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Following on from my post sharing how some of my favourite bloggers are carving out some me time over the summer holidays I have devised my own plan!

I will be scheduling in some play dates for Dylan so that he is entertained, and by sharing this with some other mums we all get a break every now and then. I have also been looking at some day courses that Dylan will enjoy, for example we have some football workshops organised by the local team.  Dylan will enjoy this especially as some of his friends will be going.  At age 10 I am letting him go further afield now and he is going out with friends more.  I know he plans to spend some more time at the skatepark with his new scooter learning some stunts.  It seems strange that he is starting to need me less to entertain him.

Chloe pretty much comes and goes by herself I just need to ensure that she is fed and watered regularly!  Erin though is finishing nursery once we have been on holiday and I will need to find ways to entertain her.  Thankfully lots of trips to the park seems to satisfy her and the advantage of having the teen is that she will take her little sister out aswell.

I have also stocked up on craft supplies for Erin as she loves drawing, play doh and sticking.  She can spend ages doing this – much more that the other two ever did.  I imagine that is due to her being less physical than Dyl and Chloe.

After winning Merlin passes I plan to have some days out for all us.  I will take picnics too as the children love eating in the great outdoors.  I have legoland, Warwick Castle and Madame Taussards all on the to do list.

In order to get some more me time where I can have a breather from being mum I will be running myself baths using my gorgeous cowshed bath gel from Presents For Men.  I will then shut the door and relax in peace with a magazine or book.  I also enjoy sitting out in the garden in the evening when the children have gone to bed.  We have a beautiful garden surrounded by trees and there is nothing better than listening to nature, I will have my drinking fudge to hand and sit and contemplate the day.

Disclosure: I was gifted the treats mentioned from Presents for men, who do treats for women aswell!

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How bloggers treat themselves to me time in the school holidays

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Now that the children are finishing term and excitedly making their plans for the summer many mums may be forgiven for being apprehensive in addition to being free from the school runs.  Many working mums are balancing paid work with the additional childcare and trips out that are required to stop the ‘I’m bored chants’

Many more mums (and dads) are probably thinking ‘what about me time’  We all know that for everyone’s emotional wellbeing we need some time to relax or to have time to yourself.  Over the years I have realised that I am happy being on my own for short periods of time.  In my early 20′s I didn’t like being home alone especially in evenings if Lee was out and the children in bed.  In those days every noise would have me panicking and I just often went to bed early to avoid being on my own.  Now I relish this time and enjoy being on my own.  Therefore I have been thinking and asking some other bloggers just what they do to give themselves a break.

Sim from Sim’s Life has lots of childfree time this summer and she shared her plans …. so after tidying up earlier I am now sitting on a couch, with my feet up watching the TV… nice to enjoy some downtime

Annie from Manneskjur has plans similar to mine as she explained that ‘I’m going to indulge in my guilty pleasure more – an evening rom com and a bottle of wine – heck I may even dig out my foot spa! Penny from Being Mrs C reminds us that we need to indulge in our hobbies Penny has vowed to ‘spend a couple of hours a week on my hobbies in the evenings. Big plans for things I want to craft that don’t involve glitter, glue and googly eyes!

My guilty pleasure and I don’t actually feel guilty about it is running myself a luxurious bath with some decadent bubbles from Cowshed whilst supping on some equally luxurious drinking fudge from presents for men which I have naughtily hidden away from the children!

Maggy from Red Ted Art has come up with a cunning plan ‘I have booked OH and the kids on a camping trip… without me… hehehehe and I also plan to palm the off with neighbours so I can go for a run’ In a similar vein Amanda from The ana mum diary shared that ‘I’ve booked a weekend away for my hubby and I whilst my Mum and Dad look after the girls. Can’t wait! Finally Sonya from Rocknroll mum has it sorted with bribery ‘I am lucky in having a 17 year old so will be bribing her to look after the younger two for an hour here and there. It will cost me, but it will be worth it!

A final thought comes from Kelly at Domestic goddesque reminds us the holidays don’t last forever and for some normal service and me time is resumed ‘I shall be getting some me time 5 minutes after the school run on 3rd September’.

So however your spending the summer and your time, enjoy it.


Disclosure:  I was gifted the drinking fudge and cowshed bubbles for my me time.



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BHS School Uniform review

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School uniform is always on my to do list before we break up for the summer holidays.  Who wants to spend the well earnt holidays traipsing around shops getting uniform?  I leave new school shoes till the end of August as don’t want feet to grow but everything else is bought earlier.  Another reason is that I have often found a style of girls dress I like only for it to be out of stock the last week of the holidays.

This year I am buying for three and once again buying pinafore dresses – which are so cute!  BHS asked me if they could help me on the way to kitting out the children and I said yes.  I love that BHS Back to school stock a huge range and with sizes from infants to secondary school age.  My list of uniform requirements are long and Chloe at 14 is especially fussy.  For Chloe three quarter length sleeves only and white shirts must be fitted.  Thankfully  can accommodate the teens needs and I was able to tick that one off the list.

I like the pinafore dresses on little ones and Erin is so excited to wear uniform – I wonder how long that will last!  The cut and fit is great and I like the extra details like bows.  I want her to still look like a little girl and in this she does.  BHS clothes are well made and always wash well.  I also ordered Erin the school socks with green trim which are the infant school colours.  With girls it is important to have the right socks as they are on display.  Dylan can get away with wearing any socks – and on occasion I’m sure its the same pair for a few days, the joy of living with a tween boy!

Here is Erin posing in her new uniform.

The sizing on the BHS clothes is really good and they also do a plus size range for children if needed. Chloe is a very slim 14 yr old she wears size six if shopping in adults and the fitted shirt looked great on her.

I have achieved my aim of getting the uniform sorted before breaking up as Dylan, unlike the girls and Lee still has school on Monday and Tuesday this week.  Then it’s the holidays and we can switch off for six weeks knowing the uniform hunt is complete.  When do you do your uniform shop?

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