Broken ankle

Before it all went horribly wrong I wrote about footprints, wow I certainly jinxed things!  However I also mentioned living in a community and I certainly do!

Our landline rang at 3.30 saying Chloe had hurt herself.  I popped on my gillet, wellies and gloves and started walking round to the park (which is three mins away) my sis in law came with me.  We chatted as we walked. Then one of Chloe’s best friends met me, ‘we’ve called an ambulance’.  I ran, scrammbled, my eyes searching out my girl.  I heard my name being called.  Chloe lying aawkwardly in the snow.  Calm, because those around her were calm. No tears, no hysterics.  My girl buried under a pile of coats to keep her warm. 

Two adults (one was her best friends step dad) caring for her.   The other an unknown, known only as a dad, who, had said he was a headteacher.  I thank both of you.

At this point I truly believed she must have sprained her ankle, I tried to help her up.  She yelped.  I gave up.  Another best friends dad arrived, calm and practical.  Chloe’s friends were organised, getting blankets, keeping look out for the ambulance.

After (what seemed like an eternity) the fast response team arrived, they looked at her awkward position and removed her boot.  I spotted the look they shared, they looked at me.  I looked at her leg. 

OOOOWWW I said, she has done something then!  One ran to get morphine, my brave girl hadn’t shed a tear, the other rang through.  I heard the words priority 1.  Soon enough I could hear the blues and twos.  Two more paramedics joined us as she was fixed to a spinal board, lifted and taken to the ambulance to be warmed up. 

Soon enough she was being x-rayed, then one of Erin’s doctors  appeared explaining that Chloe would be admitted, casted and then operated on in the morning.  On children’s  ward the familiar faces greeted me. 

A sleepless night.

Next a consultant I know far to well, said he hadn’t planned on seeing me for a few more months.  He explained the procedure he was going to do, he asked after Erin.  I took a scared teenager to theatre.  I knew she’d be well looked after.  However it gets no easier. Age took away some of the innocence Erin has.  Chloe was fearful of waking during the operation yet at the same time fearful of never waking up.  I held back my own tears.  Ironically the nursing assistant with me, was with me when Erin had the salters.  We chatted like old friends.  Soon enough I was being ushered into recovery.  My girl in pain.  Getting high on morphine.  Struggling.  Blood pressure high, respiration low.  We were there too long.  I was clock watching one hour twenty minutes . Comparing my experiences.  Wondering.  Scared a little.  On my own.

The recovery nurse looking at me – finally she asked if I worked there!!!!!!!  No I replied – it just feels like it!  I introduced myself as Erin’s mum. ‘

‘of course’ she replied.  She now started using more technical terms, medical jargon, words that have become part of our everyday language.  Words I wish I didn’t know the meaning of. We were a long time in recovery, finally we got back to ward.  One wee, one meal and four hours later (as I said experienced!)  we got the all clear to go home.

The texts, facebook messages and phone calls show that a community exists. Thank you.

Finally a message to Chloe’s friends.  You were amazing and for that I thank you.  Pizza, popcorn and DVD at ours next weekend xx

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  1. says

    They are sent to try us. You have been through a lot, but I bet you are still very proud of her and she will be a celeb at school with a cast for everyone to sign. Remember to send her in with sharpies! Sending love and hugs

  2. says

    Seeing you kids in any type of pain is so distressing. I wish her a speedy recovery. I once tried to drive down the stairs on a bat mobile trike when I was about 5 and broke a leg.
    More recently I broke a wrist falling off the top of a car. Tell your daughter to b very careful when it’s in plaster and psychotherapy later on is a must

  3. Lindsey says

    Hey Chloe

    Your cast is awesome. I’ve always wanted to have one. Did u like wearing it how bad does it hurt any more pics

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