Decluttering with Vertbaudet

Three children often means cluttered, messy bedrooms.  I would like to have a perfectly presented home.  I visit my best friend and wonder how everything is always so neat, so ordered and so tidy.  I wish she had a cleaner and a fairy godmother because then I could justify the show home look that way, except I know she doesn’t.  She works and she manages it all.

Vertbaudet have their new spring summer range out and asked if we wanted to review anything.  I took this as an opportunity to organise Erin’s room.  These pictures show just why it needed to be done!


It is disorganised, chaos! Books and reading is something that Erin loves, I decided to get something to organise her books and make them more accessible. Vertbaudet do a fab range of funky mobile libraries and bookshelves. I decided this would be ideal for her room. I also choose a coat stand. Erin has a bag for nursery, plus her swimming bag that are usually dumped in the corner of her room on days she doesn’t need them.

Both were so easy to put together, all I needed was a screwdriver. I love that each piece comes numbered and goes together so easily. It makes it so easy to assemble, you really cannot go wrong. The coat-stand took all of five minutes. The bookshelf about 30 mins – but I was impressed that all the holes lined up and went together easily. The bookshelf also had screws to attach it to the wall which we did as Erin can be heavy handed and as her mobility isn’t always great it means that she does use furniture to pull on when she stands or she grabs as she falls!
I took the opportunity to tidy her room and have a sort out at the same time! I ended up moving her whole room around. She is currently in a cot bed and I moved it to the other side of the room. Putting her to bed last night though was a challenge as she suddenly announced she didn’t like her tidy room! What she meant was she didn’t like going to sleep in a different position with a different perspective! I just ignored her, she quickly settled and didn’t mention it this morning so I guess all is well!

Here is the ‘tidy room’

DSCF0211 DSCF0214

Doesn’t it look better!

Erin is loving it now.


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