Divide and sharing.

I’m not sure of the context and why Dylan wanted to know, but soon after waking this morning he asked me if you can divide 35 into 2. 

‘Yes’ I replied, ‘of course you can’.  Lee added that you can have half a number.

I was getting dressed at the time and said ‘break the number down, whats half of thirty’?  ‘Fifteen’ he immediately replied.

‘Yup and whats half of five’? I prompted

‘I don’k know’

‘Imagine five sweets how can we have half’? I questioned.

Looking at his fingers and looking thoughtful he replied with ‘two each remainder one’.

‘Right’ I said ‘what do you do with the remaining one’?

‘Throw it in the bin’ was his immediate reply!!

I do like his sharing capacity and belief in making things fair!!


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