Easter activities in Gloucester and Bristol

One more week of school left until the holidays-  yay.  I love the school holidays, which I have blogged about before, not least because as teachers it’s our holidays to, but I genuinely do enjoy spending time with my children.  After a short but cold term I am ready for Easter.  Although very early this year (I’ll be back at school for my birthday grr which only happens every seven years or so)  Easter always signals the start of warmer weather to me and I always find that there is so much more to do in the summer months.

This Easter there are some great local events taking place in Gloucester and Bristol that I plan on attending.  We always pop over to Cattle Country which is a farm park and play centre.  There is something for all the children, from petting small animals to the large soft play areas.  It is easy to spend a day there and we love seeing the new rabbits this time of year! The older two can run free whilst I find things to do with Erin.

Next up is the  legendary Easter Event taking place in Bristol Toys R Us .  A free event which makes it even more attractive!  If you have a skylanders obsessed child like me you don’t want to miss the chance to meet ‘Stealth Elf’.  There are activites taking place from 11-4pm and what’s more if you download and colour in the sheet you can claim a free goody bag.  Dylan and his friends would love this as it seems that he and his friends can’t get enough of the interactive adventure game.  In fact Skylanders were top of his recent birthday list and birthday money has been spent on more!  Toys R Us have the biggest range of skylanders so it is where Dyl goes to choose his next purchase! However don’t worry if you are not near Cribbs as there are other selected Toys R Us taking part just click here for the locations and colouring sheet.


We shall also be heading out into the fresh air by visiting Slimbridge Wetlands Centre. I think I’ll just take Erin and we can go and watch some of the yound birds taking their wobbly first steps. I know Erin will enjoy the Easter hunt they have in their grounds.

It really does make you appreciate where you live when there are so many great places and things arranged right on your doorstep.

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