Five things better than One Direction!

This weeks listography from Kate really resonates with me. My teen girl came home from town with her friends and went straight upstairs. When I went up some 30 mins later a great big one direction poster adorned her wall. A friend from my teenage years was here and we giggled and reminisced at our own teenage bedrooms. Brother Beyond anyone???  Kate has challenged us to come up with five things that the child has to look forward to that are even bigger and better than One Direction.

1. The summer of leaving school.  On Monday I am back to school for the summer term. This term is always full on for both my GCSE students and A2 students.  They are on countdown.  Both have a crazy month or so of revision and finishing off before the exam season starts.  Then they have 3 months of summer fun.  How I loved those months.  The months before Uni especially.  Summertime chilling with friends in parks, clubbing in the evening, big macs during the day.  Free as a bird with little responsibility.  It the only time you really have to be totally carefree, selfish and live for the moment.  I loved it than and wish I could have just one week like that again!  The saying youth is wasted on the youth is oh so true!

2. A decent holiday.  After those teenage heady days of cheap allocation on arrival, destination hot, club 18-30 style one week in the sun breaks.  It is lovely to anticipate your summer holiday.  To have chosen a destination, a hotel preferably with spa. 

3. A day like this afternoon, in the sunshine, with your family.  Today we headed over to the park tennis rackets in hand.   After a game of tennis, Erin ran wild in the park.  Pure joy of seeing your children enjoying their childhood. Proudest, insignificant moments.  Just what I started this blog to record.

park life

4.  Buying yourself a nice piece of jewelry – just because you can.  You don’t need a man or a birthday for a piece of jewellery.  If you want it and you have saved or worked for it.  Buy it.  Why not?    Well that is what I told myself this month!!

5. Realising that friendships that have stood the test of time are the best frienships of all.  There will be many many frinds in your lifetime.  Each significant for different reasons and friendships with different purposes.  But those that are the most valuable make their mark.  Teenage friendships may come and go but the ones that wore crazy outfits with you, went on those insane holidays to unallocated hotels and that are still there offering to babysit are the ones to cherish.  Only time will show those the friendships, the true, real ones.

So what are you top five things that are better than One Direction?



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