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Lakeland are good friends of Emma and 3’s  having sent me lots of lovely packages in the past including my gorgeous  saucepan set and the lovely picnic hamper last summer.  Therefore last week when they asked if I would be pancaking with the children I replied with an ‘of course’!

Yesterday, in perfect time for pancake day I received the ceramica crepe pan and a handy little gadget that turns a normal lemon into a handy citrus spray.  Both are ideal for my kitchen and culinary skills!  The crepe pan turns even the most novice pancake tosser into a queen!  The pancakes simply slid around the pan and required no oil or scraping with a spatula.


My nan still makes us all welsh cakes on a baking stone – the way she was taught as a girl and my family devour them as soon as they arrive (I know nan and popa read this – hint hint nan it is time for some more). This pan is also ideal for making them and perfect fried eggs.

Thanks again Lakeland for making my life easier in the kitchen!

Disclosure; I was gifted the crepe pan.



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  • Jen @mymummyspennies


    Love the crepe pan will have to check it out in Lakeland, thanks for doing the linky :)


  • Su Tyler


    Thanks for the linky saw it on FB but can’t comment on there today!!


    • Emma


      Mine or Erin’s???


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