Half Marathon Training on Holiday

I had good intentions, I really did.  I came here full of enthusiasm having ran 17 miles the previous week.  Packing my trainers was one of the first things I did even if I forgot to pack any socks!  Good job Chloe and me are the same size now!

On the second day Lee decided to run first to map out a route, unfortunately it didn’t really work as there are no paths and the roads are just too busy, he came back a little frustrated.  I then went a different route running through fields, it didn’t end well either as I didn’t really know where I was going so I couldn’t get into a running zone.

Therefore the following day I resorted to running around the lake.  I hope the fishermen (and women) were not to annoyed with me, they didn’t show it and the lake here at Trevella is beautiful with the fishing jettys well secluded.  Therefore I ran around the lake seven times which equated to two miles.  It wasn’t as far as I should have run but I hope that it hasn’t put my training back too far.  Once home I need to get out and do another six mile run – that is tomorrows task.

I will also head to the gym and work hard.  It isn’t long now one month away!  The training is hard but i just keep remembering why I am doing this.

To help motivate me I have been visited by the happy badger who has donated £50 to Steps in Erin’s honour.  If you would like a visit from the badger comment on this post and contact them on the link they may just help your charity too.  They have a budget to give donations to a charity of your choice

Our sponsorship is now up to about £300 which leaves us £200 short of our target, please please donate what you can to help these gorgeous children affected by DDH and lower limb conditions.  You can help by clicking through to our JustGiving - Sponsor me now!page and sponsoring us.

trevella lake


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