Half marathon training week 1

Last week I put myself on the line and signed up for Cheltenham’s first half marathon.  Along with Lee I am determined to do this for Steps and for Erin.  I wrote about my reasons why and my own surprise at what I had signed up for.  Even though it is a charity so close to our hearts.

Each week I shall share the highs and lows of my training and how I am feeling about it all.  This past week I have been given lots of encouragement from friends that had seen my announcement.  I have just spent the weekend at Center Parcs with Jane – who has three marathons under her belt.  I spent the weekend having great fun and between copious wine drinking Jane gave me some good advice from apps that can help with a training programme to telling me I actually need to start bloody running!  I was a bit taken aback that I needed to train four times a week.  Four times? What’s more Jane thinks it will even put me off drinking wine.  Now, I’m not sure that is a side effect I am wanting.  Considering she didn’t get me on a bike all weekend, she now knows how much I avoid physical exercise! 

Whilst on Twitter the other evening I found a couple of fellow parent  bloggers discussing the Chelt half marathon.  I jumped in and said I was doing it too.  They asked how my training was going.  I said hmmm I’m going to start this week.  Then I was asked what half marathons I had done before and how far I could run?  ummmm none and umm probably to the car.

I still wasn’t worried!  Afterall it cannot be that hard surely.  Otherwise people wouldn’t do it -right?  Steps have been so encouraging and will be supporting us all the way.  They are sending us running vests a=which show who we are supporting.

Today was the new start and I actually got on the treadmill and ran.  I put on the stereo and I ran for fifteen minutes.  It was hard, I got hot and my legs were weak.  I kept setting myself little goals.  I aimed for 10 mins as I got near that I thought I’d keep going to 1 mile.  Then I stopped for a glass of water and got going again.  I managed to get to fifteen minutes and 1.4 miles.

My legs were shaking after finishing and I am seriously wondering what I have let myself in for.  However it has made me more determined and I know that as I am writing this I will do it.  I can’t bottle it when I am telling everyone I’m doing it!

1.4 miles run on the first effort.  Now I just need to keep upping it.  I would love your encouragement and your sponsorship.  Just click the Just Giving below to sponsor Lee and myself. 

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