Half marathon training week 2

Last week was not a great week for half marathon training although I redeemed myself a little towards the end.  It rained, now I know I need to go out anyway but I just don’t love running enough yet to do it in the rain.  My children and work commitments also conspired against me – I had plans to run on Monday but instead I visited my dad in hospital, I planned for Tuesday, yet I then remembered it was sixth form prom, I planned to run on Thursday but realised I had no one to mind Erin, plus it rained.  However I did run on Friday and Saturday.  I will be going tonight.

I have no excuses this week and need to up my game.  I even have the right kit now.  I was running in a pair of fashion trainers and I knew they were no good.  I also know I don’t run evenly, I have flat feet and roll my ankles.  I always have done.  I wear out shoes faster than anyone I know.  I was offered some trainers from Sports Shoes who have an excellent section on selecting the best type of trainer. Now if your going to spend money on trainers it is best to get the right type for your feet. They suggest getting your feet wet and analysing the foot print left behind. This put me in the 10% that need ‘control’ trainers. I selected a pair and found they fit really well and give me more support. Here you can see them in action!

photo (2)

These are the ASICS GEL-FOUNDATION 11 WOMEN’S RUNNING SHOES and they cost £84.95. I know it is important to have the correct equipment especially as a newbie – the last thing I need is to injury myself!  I have also ordered myself an armband for my iPhone to measure my distance and times.  I don’t have any time in mind yet but need to build up my distance.  I can now do two miles and I know I have a long way to go.  Another blogger who runs has said that I need to be doing 8 miles a month before the race in order to be physically and emotionally ready.

The weekend reaffirmed why I’m doing this.  We had a lovely time on Saturday at a funday organised by Dylan’s football club.  I took Erin into the park to play which is an especially good park for Erin as it has great play equipment.  I can see how much she is improving and when I watch of her attempting the equipment I still well up.  When I consider that this time last year she was just out of spica and unable to walk it is humbling to see her determination and spirit.  This equipment is ideal for her and a few months ago she was not strong enough to walk and step across these platforms.  Now she can.  She is steady, she shows confidence and she is so proud of herself with each new achievement.

photo (1)

It is her little face that I have in mind when I am out of breath and thinking I can’t do it. She has given both Lee and I the determination to do this for Erin, for Steps and to raise awareness of DDH in our babies.  My goal this week is to get to 4KM.  I need to get there, my only worry is my knee aches so I think I may need to get a support thing for it.

I would love your support in terms of sponsoring us.  So far we are no where near what we would like to raise and whatever you can donate will be much appreciated.  Click on the just giving link to sponsor us.

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This month is especially poignant for us as three weeks today Erin has Xrays to see if more treatment is required at this stage.  We are waiting for bone growth and this month will show us what change has occurred over the year.  I am already feeling anxious and worried.  We know the road ahead is full of uncertainty,  we expect more treatment at some time, maybe not until adulthood but the legacy of being late diagnosed has left its mark.  This is why it is so important to us to get more known about DDH, to educate the health professionals who let Erin down, to enable more research to be carried out.  Over this month the knot of worry will build in me.  My husband knows what to expect – my mind constantly drifts to the appointment and whilst DDH no longer defines Erin like it did – I still think about it every single day.



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    Erin has come so far! You are right to keep her in mind, it will really help you stay focused on your goal. Another piece of advice – if you get aches and pains that don’t shift quickly, get yourself to a physio/ sports injury clinic. They can help you get over injuries fast. You don’t have enough training time to take a couple of weeks off for injury. Good luck! Am enjoying following your progress :)
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