Having a positive mental attitude #cheltenhamhalfmarathon

I have ran 17 miles since Sunday.  This is beyond my expectations and although I am finding the training really tough I am feeling pretty amazing in myself.  I can’t believe that I am actually really achieving this. In all honesty I have not trained or exercised  like this since finishing school and I stopped playing club hockey.  It is about time I recognised that I needed to do this.  I don’t live a very healthy lifestyle for example I eat the wrong things and I like a drink.  I had gestational diabetes in all three of my pregnancies and have both parents who are type two diabetics and both of my grandmothers also have / had diabetes, therefore I know I am heightened risk for developing type two, especially due to having big babies that were induced early due to how my body was not coping with sugar.  Each pregnancy it got worse.

I am taking advice from everyone that offers it on how I can improve and get myself ready for the Cheltenham half and last night I had my regular sports massage and Jo, my therapist, is a runner.  I used my hour to glean advice and she gave me ideas of other runs I can do to build endurance, local runs that are based on where I live.  She also gave me invaluable advice about stretching and warming up and down, something I probably haven’t been doing enough of and I certainly had not been doing the type of stretches.  Jo also suggested a glass of milk as there has been lots of research on how it repairs and supports muscles.  I need all this advice and I am trying to take it all on board.  I realise how lucky I am to have great friends with great advice and also we are lucky that we have time to train at the moment.

After a day of rest yesterday I went out again this morning for a five mile run.  I probably would have given up if I didn’t have Sarah encouraging me and as we ran she talked about having the right attitude and just because one bit was hard going last time didn’t mean it had to be this time.  That hit a chord with me and it is like learning any new skill you haven’t got to get stuck on the same bit each time.  I somehow kept going.  Tying her dog Jimmy to me was great and he just gave me that ommph to stay steady and not stop, I wish I could use him in the race!

We all know that exercise is good for both physical and emotional well being and I am starting to see the effects.  I am liking the the effects!  I have even started looking at running gear like a shock absorber sports bra.  So far I have my trainers and one pair of running trousers and one top.  I am having to wash them and get them ready for the next day!  I definitely need some more and I think I am brave / ready enough to actually wear shorts whilst running now! Having the right equipment will give me even more confidence and encouragement I think, so bring out the shock absorber bra I am ready to run!

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