Hockey Tots, hypermobility and Erin

I am not that sporty unless you count running to the fridge for more wine, however I do like hockey.  I started playing a little bit after my daughter inspired me.  Therefore when I found out that the ladies I train with run hockey tots for pre schoolers it was on my Erin’s to do list.

As you know Erin has mobility issues due to her DDH, she now has quite a social life but I wanted to add in something to make her run.  Her swimming is amazing and so good for her likewise she does yoga at nursery which helps her control her joints.  Joints that often want to control her instead of the other way around, Erin struggles to control her body like most children can.  Therefore today we went to hockey.  Erin was keen as she knows both Chloe and mummy do hockey. The warm up involved running back and forth across the room.  As she ran with all the gusto she could manage it’s easy to spot the difference between her and her peers.  They run in a fluid way, even if they are not  fast their legs match each other.  They run through their whole body – it is hard to explain but easy to see.  Other children move with ease.  They don’t look awkward.  Erin on the other hand is not fluid – it doesn’t look natural, smooth or at ease with her body.  Instead she is wooden, stiff, she swings differently.  It still makes me a little sad.

It makes me wonder when DDH will not be noticeable to me.  Even more – I ask when it will not be noticeable to others.

As we warmed up and did some gentle exercises she was keeping up, however when ‘Hannah’ the coach asked the children to jump whilst running Erin screeched I can’t.  I told her to skip which she can kind of do, (Erin can only jump if she is still, she can’t jump forward only up!) .  Erin kept going – one thing this girl has over others is determination! Once we started using the hockey sticks Erin gave it her all she quickly mastered how to hold the stick.  She found it hard and a couple of times got frustrated and told me hockey was hard.  I was glad.  It was pushing her.  Whilst I like to keep Erin wrapped in cotton wool and I do worry continuously about her DDH I also know that if I want her to have an active life and put DDH behind us then I need to move her on. 

It’s not easy being Erin’s mum,  I often feel torn I want to protect her, keep her safe, free from pain and yet I want to challenge Erin.  I want her to have the best possible outcome (Obviously) that is a no brainer. 

Today I was so proud of her, but as I tucked her into bed tonight she complained of hip pain.  I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  Is she exercising muscles that have laid dormant or was it too much.  Tomorrow will tell – I will scrutinise her movements see if we over did it. 

I am glad that she enjoyed it though.  I doubt that Erin will ever be a runner, a swimmer maybe but for now I just want her to try it all.

Love my girl. xx 


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