HomeServe warm your home, winter blogger challenge.

Living in a modern house means the home is reasonably well protected from the elements, however there was still more we could do to ensure our home was heat efficient.  I love this house and it is where we plan on staying for many years yet and so we take good care of it.  We ensure that we have our yearly boiler and radiator checks – in fact we had Homeserve carry out their annual check last month.  The forecasters have predicted a long cold winter therefore I have taken some extra measures to keep the house warm.  Homeserve asked me to take up their winter blogger challenge and considering they service our boiler and have always given us great advice and customer service I took up their offer. HomeServe gave me a £50 B&Q voucher to get my home cosy and so I thought really hard how we can both add warmth to the living room and also ensure it looks cozy.  Both practically being warm but also giving the look of being warm and inviting was important.  Those finishing touches from candles, lighting and cushions all give a room that warm glow that makes it feel like a home and makes it feel warm.

Going to B&Q with my voucher in hand (or not even in hand – I love evouchers and just needing to have my iphone scanned) also encouraged me to get on with a job I knew we needed to do.Therefore below are my six top tips for creating a warm room.

1) Our hot water tank is is well insulated but the pipes in the cupboard were not. Therefore I sorted this quick task which will have an impact of keeping the home warm.

photo (65)

photo (64)

2) Next up I fitted radiator thermostats. We had them in some rooms but not everywhere. This makes us more efficient as we can have the temperature up in the lounge but lower in bedrooms and the bathroom. It makes our lounge more cosy already. I think this alone makes a huge difference and is especially important for the elderly or those concerned about heating bills as you can literally heat the room needed without heating others.

3) Interior design is really important for making a home look cosy. I love my lounge with the Christmas decorations up as it gives it real warmth. I also spotted this sumptuous rug in B&Q which really adds the finishing touches to the room.

photo (69)

4) Finally I added a door draught excluder that matches the colour scheme we have.  I do feel the cold seep under the door and we have tiled flooring in the hallway.  Therefore it does get cold.  Luckily I also have my fitflop slippers which keeps my feet cosy!

photo (55)

5) A letter box cover is also useful if you have an older door, again they can rattle and act as a vent for the cold wind. Fortunately for us we have a new door as when we moved in my husband wasn’t happy with just getting the locks changed he had the entire door changed!!

6) I pretty much (ok definately) definitely spent up and over the budget by this point – but the oriana rug in mink  was too divine!  We are now just after an occasional chair because a family of five soon fills up our sofas! However the final touch Iwould add that would help keep rooms cosy would be to have self closing doors.  In our house with three children doors are always left open.  ‘close the door’ is a frequent chant from Lee and I so self closing doors would be immense.  It would keep the heat where it is supposed to be.  When all else fails and it still feels chilly I can fully recommend my fabulous heated blanket that I adore suggling up with on winter evenings.



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