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cover my cast 1We haven’t had the best of luck recently with Chloe’s broken ankle and finding out that Erin will be having more surgery in March, but the support we always get from family and friends is so appreciated.  Some of these friends we haven’t even met in person but that is one of the best bits of blogging and social media in general. 

Last year I was contacted by the lovely couple  Marion and Bob who are the brains behind cover my cast they sent Erin the cast cooler to use whilst she was in spica.  It proved more than invaluable!  They have continued to check in via the blog, facebook and twitter to follow Erin’s progress since she came out of spica and got more mobile.

This week Marion spotted on twitter that Chloe was in cast and immediately they asked which cast cover she wanted.  Chloe was thrilled and immediately spent 20 minutes deliberating!  Finally she selected the loopy pink – although my favourite is leopard!  The cast covers come in different sizes and are available in full or half leg or arm.

Chloe’s cast was plain white as she was emergency surgery at the weekend.  It is normal to be white after the plaster is applied in theatre.  It is the plaster techs in the plaster room who have all the funky finishing colours.  When Erin was in spica we normally popped down to the plaster room to be finished off before being discharged.  It being the weekend it was different for Chloe and she left sporting a white cast, the service isn’t quite so good at a weekend!!

Therefore the cast cover is very appreciated and practical too!  A white cast gets very grubby very quickly.  What’s more the rough finish of plaster scratches and bobbles the clothing however the cast cover eliminates this leaving a smooth finish.

It also looks cool and Chloe has already recieved compliments on the cover.  My dad thinks it would be fab to be able to buy a leg warmer in the same material as to disguise the cast even further. 

I would like to thank everyone for their support and keeping us going.  Chloe is struggling somewhat with the restrictions it has placed on her as she is so active and independent.  The though of the next four weeks seems never ending at the moment!

cover my cast




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Comments (11)

  • Steph


    I love it Emma!! What sort of material is it? Looks like a sock! Xx


    • Emma


      Its like a lycra thing!


  • Mum of One


    It looks great! Hope she is all fixed up soon


  • Donna@MummyCentral


    Wow, that is so much better than just a bunch of people signing your cast


  • Damson Lane


    I had no idea such a thing existed. What a brilliant idea. I hope we never need this but I’ll file it away in the old grey matter just in case. I really do hope that she recovers soon without the need for more surgery.


  • Stephs Two Girls


    Loving that groovy pattern, I’d have gone for that over leopard print too :)


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