How to create cheap temporary curls.

Chloe likes messing about with her hair and trying new styles. I don’t want her dying her hair yet as she has gorgeous natural colours but I understand her desire to experiment. I was the queen of dyeing my hair and went everything from blonde, red and black in my teens!

I got Chloe some bendy’s for Christmas and they are totally fab in her long hair. Therefore I thought I’d share how we use them and the result.

After sleeping in them we simply take the bendies out and loosen the curls with fingers and spray some spray. The curls hold all day and even the next day she has some lovely waves that gives her hair some lift and bounce. These bendy’s are only £1 for 8 in the pound shop. Therefore it really is a cheap easy way to transform your look – temporarily.

Here is the finished result – beautiful don’t you agree?

How to use bendies / bendys

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