How to entertain a teenager in cast.

Chloe broke her ankle whilst sledging and since then I have been struggling a little but this weekend gave me the chance to re group and get things sorted. It is another busy week for us in the family with Chloe having xrays and hospital appointment today followed by Erin up the hospital on Thursday for her ENT appointment.

The good news is that Chloe is healing well – probably due to how fit she is with all her sport and dancing.  The bad news is it will be another three weeks before she can even begin to weight bear and another five weeks in cast.  Her dance show is in eight weeks and her goal is to be dancing in it – I’m not so sure.

Entertaining Chloe the past week has been challenging, when Erin was in spica she was able to follow me around the house.  She was happy to have me for company.  A teenager doesn’t want her mum for company (well not all the time) and not weight bearing atall is hard work as the crutches are hard work on her arms.  Therefore I have had to get creative to find ways to entertain her – and it costs me money!

1. Invite her girlfriends over, buy popcorn, DVD and dominos pizza.  It was loud, messy but meant the world to Chloe.  I was actually kicked out of my own lounge and banished to my room with a bottle of wine and Ipad – it felt like I was the teenager.


2. Give her a manicure, we were sent some lovely nail varnishes a while back so have had a play with those.

3. Grab a wheelchair.  We were lucky as we still had my lovely nans wheelchair in the garage so we have borrowed that.  It meant I could take Chloe out for spin and coffee.


4. Shop, now is the time for a little bit of spoiling. There are still some last bits in the sales so go have some fun together.

5. Board Games, we are lucky we have a cupboard full and board games have simply helped her not be so bored!
(see what I did there? A little play on words, clever huh!

6. Take time to talk, your teenager is a captive audience and so are you. Have a hot chocolate together (we recommend Whittards range and especially the rocky road one. Take some time, after all as soon as they are mobile again you won’t see them for dust! Teenagers still need their mums and this is a great opportunity to spend time with them.

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    Entertaining poorly teenagers is tough, and if they’re used to being active – even worse! I hope she gets better soon, but hope you’ve enjoyed you bonding time too, sometimes it does the world of good to have the chance to catch up and spend time together!

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