Indoor picnic with Emma Bridgewater

421833_10151405864488956_1440032328_nThis week saw Erin back in hospital, this time having grommets fitted and as such she has the week off nursery and I have the week off work to look after her.  A few weeks back we were lucky enough to receive some beautiful, practical and funky Emma Bridgewater picnicware (I do love what this blogging lark offers me). After a little deliberation I choose a fresh polka dot design as I love spots! Polka dots are timeless and brighten up the kitchen.  Emma Bridgewater challenged a few bloggers to hold an indoor picnic in preparation for spring which is supposedly around the corner.  Although you could be forgiven for thinking it’s the middle of winter today as we had our picnic whilst is snowed outside!


erin painting I had planned to hold our picnic, this week whilst Erin is recuperating as I could think of no better way to enjoy some quality in house time with her. Erin started off the planning stage last week by getting crafty and making some flower shaped invitations that she sent to her teddies. As you can see upsy Daisy was first to get her invite!

Once we had sent the older two off to school Erin and I got busy. It was a day of snuggles, baking and picnic making (bliss). Erin was really excitied to get to bake all by herself and I find that for her age little cupcake mixes are perfect – she can’t lose concentration and she can’t really go wrong. Erin made the mixture in one of our melamine bowls as it is indestructible! The cupcakes turned out great and she had great fun decorating them once they had cooled.  Next Erin spent some time getting her teddies ready and working out a seating plan.  With this much attention to detail her wedding tables will be a sight to be seen!!! 




By lunchtime Erin was so excited for her picnic and she helped me make heart shaped sandwiches and chop up some fruit.  I always find that if Erin is involved in preparing meals whether a snack at lunch or helping in the evening she always eats better when she has had some input no matter how small.

Once we were ready to go  Erin carefully helped carry the food and drinks into the lounge for our picnic treat.   The melamine beakers are perfect for little hands and again if it is dropped onto my carpets, no damage will be done – and lets face it all children drop or knock over drinks from time to time. It is all part of learning a new skill.









I love these cute pictures of Erin enjoying our picnic together  with her tedddies.

To see more of our pictures head over to our pinterest board where you can see what inspired us, more of our Emma Bridgewater favourites and other little touches that would make the perfect picnic for us.





Disclosure: I was gifted the picnicware for the purpose of the post and competition.

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