Long weekends

garden1What is there not like about May?  Two bank holidays, a half term and the weather finally picks up.  This past weekend has been lovely – I actually did get out in the garden with my willing helpers and started clearing the garden to make the garden pretty like I have planned.

We also went swimming with the children and now that they are all such good swimmers Lee and I were able to relax in the jacuzzi. Erin still draws admiration when she is in the water. Her confidence is amazing and she loves being free.  The only problem is getting her out as she swims off or if she is in the paddling pool she runs out of my grasp and I have to carry her out kicking and screaming!

I am quite surprised by how much of a work out the gardening gave me. My legs can feel the muscles working as can my arms. My arms had a good work from cutting back the climbers we have covering the back fence.  Being outdoors and just doing normal stuff is a much more pleasant workout than the gym to0.  Plus you get the added dose of sunshine which gives me a bit more zest.


May is definately one of my favourite months.  Dylan was away with cub camp this weekend having fun doing archery and rifle shooting.  Unfortunately he didnt stay overnight as he got cold feet about sleeping in a tent!  It was also lovely to get to eat outdoors something I want to do more of this year.  I am trying to persuade Lee to get an gas BBQ but so far he hasn’t agreed!  Instead we made do with a picnic including the chocolate soreen that my family are devouring at the moment!  Dylan even took some on his adventures with him!  Long may this sunshine continue!



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