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We moved into this, our long term home four years ago.  It was a boiling hot day and the removal men had pretty much emptied the house the day before, although we were moving less than 1/2 a mile across the road.  The were efficient and came early and as they were carrying Lee’s wardrobe out of the house I realised he had no clothes for the following day, darting after them I grabbed some bits. We were left in the home that we had loved, the home that we had extended with just the bare essentials and three children around us.  The following day Lee and I sat on the hard lounge floor and looked forward to moving into the forever home.  It was our fifth house move.  We had rented two homes before we bought and this was the third house we had bought.  We had a ten year plan and pretty much stuck to it.  I think we have been lucky as everyone knows moving house is up there on the stress o meter but although each chain took longer than we would have liked it was quite plain sailing and using estate agencies like hatched make the process straightforward.

Moving day came and went in a blur of boxes and instructions on where to put things.  Dylan had not even seen the inside of the house at this point.  Chloe and Dyl were given matching bedrooms – they are the mirror image of each others and I thought that fair.  Erin had the second bigger bedroom as she has more toys.  Only recently Chloe has challenged this decision – believing that she should have had the second bedroom being the eldest!

Since living here we have decorated most rooms – Erin’s twice.  Chloe’s room is gorgeous and well furnished only the lounge has remained entirely untouched as it suited my tastes.  However I am starting to bore of it now and would like to redo it next year.  However I am amazed at how we have filled this home.  The garage’s are bulging and it all needs a good declutter.  With me finishing teaching at the end of this academic year to give blogging and freelancing a full time commitment I am hoping to find the time and energy to declutter.  Dyl’s room also needs a sort out, it needs to turn from child’s bedroom to tweens space, a place to play his Xbox but also a space for homework and study times.

Once the children are back at school in September I intend to tackle this and now that Chloe needs to raise 2k for Canada sports tour there has never been a better to time to sort out and car boot.

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    I tell you what moving house is very stressful but I’m looking forward to decorating and getting it to how I want it now we have a home.Good luck in your new ventures.

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    We moved four years ago and at the time I chucked out so much junk, but now I look around me and I have accumulated again.
    I need to have another clearing out session sometime soon.

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    It’s crazy how it all accumulates isn’t it?! We moved into this place four years ago and everything was new and organised – now… *sigh* Best of luck with moving forward :)

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