Me running – seriously!

I *may* have just set myself the biggest challenge of my life and I think I am crazy.  Let’s backtrack a bit first.  In August 2011 Erin finally started walking, elation that she had finally started walking was quickly overcome with concern when a very obvious limp was evident.  Fast forward to October 2011 and Erin went to theatre for the first of seven times.  Her hip was displaced, she had DDH.

Through the tears I turned to google and the internet.  I found support from Steps they provided DVD’s on how to care for Erin in spica, they provide phone support when I needed to know more  They are a small charity but the work they do for children and families with lower limb disabilities is inspiring. Erin is not in the all clear yet, infact we have just realised that a leg length difference is back.  Throughout it all STEPS have given me so much support and advice that I want to give something back.  I am passionate about raising awareness of DDH and do whatever I can to shout about it.

I could therefore, have organised something to raise money, I could have done something adrenlin based because I quite enjoy those types of activities.  I should have done a sponsored drinkathon as I love wine!  I would have been good at that.  Except I haven’t. I have probably done something stupid.  My friends know I don’t run.  Plenty of my friends run and rave about it.  They are disappointed when they can’t get out.  I have tried it a few times – I don’t enjoy it.  I cannot imagine hitting that point where suddenly you enjoy running. 

Therefore I have set myself the challenge of a lifetime – and I have roped in Lee. 

Cheltenham are having their first half marathon in September and I have today signed Lee and myself up.  We are going to run some 12 or so miles.  Seriously.  Me Run.

I decided that I need to do something that is really challenging, something well out of my comfort zone.  But I’m not doing it for nothing I need sponsorship.  I need you all to sponsor us and raise money for steps and for families like us.  For children like Erin.

Please dig deep.  Just click on the link below to make your donation.

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!




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