Planning the holidays

Schools out for summer – well it is for me and the husband and kids follow suit on Friday and Monday.  I warned nursery that for the next six weeks Erin is on flexitime and may not make breakfast. We also don’t want any early mornings calls asking where Erin is! She loves a lie like the the rest of us in the holidays.  Nursery will still be a time to see friends and socialise for Erin, but we won’t be regimented by the clock and alarms. Yipeee for that!

Today I set about filling up the calendar, popping in our aims and plans and a few work days for planning and prep for September. It is an essential job as if it is not on the calendar we know it just doesn’t happen.  Today was a little slice of quiet time – my last Thursday morning when it was just me at home, Erin does a half day at nursery and I have a whole five hours to myself. I set about doing a few jobs like sorting the shoe cupboard and putting a load of stuff ready for the charity shop. However the next few weeks will see us all here, so I also treasured a few minutes just sitting in the garden! We have our holiday to look forward to, but I have also organised some day trips plus playdates for the children. I need to have things planned.

The holidays are also a time for us to ensure we do all the jobs in the school holidays that we never have time to do in term-time. Therefore all are insurances are timed to run out this month which means we are not bothered with them when we are back at school. Companies like Footman James are fab as they do both car and home insurance, if you have specialist cars they are the ones to go to, especially for kit car insurance. It is less hassle to have it all in one place and easier for us to manage. Other jobs include getting MOT’s done and even clearing the guttering and so on! We do live the high life!

We are really looking forward to our time off and spending quality time doing just what we want.

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    I love that we can sleep in over the holidays, it’s good that you don’t feel rushed and just relax and enjoy them :) we are three weeks in (in scotland), and going away next wk for a few days, I can’t believe how quick the days go.. Enjoy your time!

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