Plant Me Now Springtime Challenge

I am incredibly lucky to have been born and raised in beautiful Cheltenham.  Surrounded by the Cotswolds and home to some of the best natural beauty there is on offer.  However you know when you forget what is on your doorstep, you don’t see the wood for the tree’s well that is me. Thankfully Plant Me Now springtime challenge is going to get me back on track!

One of the things that drew us to buy this house three years ago was that the house has the most amazing setting.  Set back from the road and with protected trees surrounding us.  We love it.   Squirrels are heard all the time in the tress and regulary play in my garden.  The children love to watch them and we hear them scamping about in the trees every time we open our door.

DSCF1931-768x1024Since moving in we have redecorated every room, changed the front door and put our stamp on it.  This is our forever home, well until the older two are done with school anyway.  One space still needs some TLC though and that is the garden.  I would love a pretty garden, full of colour and garden flowers. Erin loves being in the garden and getting the spades out and now that she can walk I am looking forward to this summer and being outdoors with her. Much of last year was spent in spica and it restricted those nature walks.


Therefore when I was invitied to be part of  Plant me now’s springtime campaign to join them and compete with some fellow bloggers on a nature trail I was interested.

The challenge starts this Monday, obviously I’m at an initial disadvantage as Erin is in hospital next Monday but, we have three weeks to find, locate and picture a number of wild flowers.  It also gives me the chance to use my new camera and try to learn how to use it for flower shots. The weather doesn’t promise to be great this next week with frost and possibly even snow on the way so we will need to be vigilant to find our treasures.  We are looking for snowdrops to daisies and buttercups.

What’s more one of us bloggers will win £250 voucher for plant me now online. I so want it to be me! My garden needs this!  I will keep everyone updated with how we are doing – if I am honest I think we may struggle as some of the flowers I have never heard of!  Therefore I am looking to do two things during this challenge.


1. Use my new camera

2. Get the kids looking at what we have on our doorstep and in our local community

I would love lots of encouragement and comments to keep us going! Other participants in the campaign are Emma and Faye that I know of and I am not yet sure who else I am up against!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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