Play doh or play don’t?

It was 9am, the stockings had been ripped open and the tree lights put on as the children sat with anticipation at the top of the stairs. Together they came down, their eyes wide with excitement and a smile playing their lips. As I sat and watched the Christmas presents being opened I smiled. Then the smile fell from my face like soldiers dropping in battle. Someone, who shall remain nameless, had bought Erin play doh. Her eyes glistened and marveled at the pots of colour. She was already asking to play with the contraband.

On Boxing day I could not avoid it anymore and she opened the little pots of temptation. Before long Dylan and Chloe joined her, each creating their own masterpieces. United for once, sharing, playing together. I love how play doh brings out creativity but oh the mess. Why does it all end up grey. There is no way of keeping the original colours separate. Instead it becomes a dirty grey. However that is not the reason I dislike play doh. It is my nemesis because my flooring suffers. It sticks to everything and Erin manages to get it on her feet and then walk it into the other rooms. Thank goodness for laminate floor tiles.  The contraband has been played and played with.  We now have half of what we started with, which Erin had noticed.  I hoped that it would not be long until we had run out.  Till the fragments could not be pieced together and there was not enough to mold into the icecreams that she delights in making.  However my dreams were shattered as today I sorted out the dining room.  I have plans this year to change the furniture and table.  In my decluttering frame of mind I was engrossed in sorting out when Erin came across five more pots that I had hidden.  Oh how she shone with glee whilst I forced down a yelp.

So now we are back to full pots and more requests to play with the play doh.  I have moved all the craft supplies today to under the stairs.  I am hoping that is where it will stay – out of sight out of mind and all that.  However Erin can also reach the box and I feel my plan will be foiled!

As for the person, still unnamed  but not forgotten, don’t worry I have a good memory.  Next birthday your children will be having the biggest set I can lay my hands on!



Disclosure: In collaboration with CarpetRight.


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    Was it Jane? I bet it was Jane! I have yet to get the play doh out in the new house, although I do love how it keeps F occuped for a good long while. Maybe I’ll get brave next week…

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