Potty training after hip dysplasia #DDH

The number one question I was asked when Erin was in spica is how does she go to toilet?  The answer was very straight forward, you stuff a nappy in the hole the surgeon leaves and you hope on a wing and a prayer that you don’t have a blow out.

What I didn’t realise at the time, that was the easy bit. 

Erin is doing really well but the legacy of DDH remains.  Erin cannot climb, she cannot jump and she still isn’t very sturdy.  Erin is still along way behind her peers and struggles with steps and stairs.  However she has noticed that her nursery friends are dry and she isn’t.  It is a reminder to her that one year on from diagnosis she is different. She is aware when she is going to the toilet and at home she plays without a nappy on.  However her stumbling block has been accessing the potty.  Traditional potty’s are too low.  She struggles to bend her legs enough to sit down, its not a comfy position.  Yet the main toilet is too high, she cant cope with a step up to the toilet either as she can’t step that high, likewise she can’t turn herself around.

Yet this week she told nursery that she wanted to use the toilet and to my surprise she could because they are at a low height.  Armed with this information I spoke to the wonderful people at FisherPrice who sent Erin the Duck Potty.  This is the perfect height, she can place her feet flat on the floor (best position for toileting apparently!).  This potty will grow with her over the course of the year whilst she regains her independence. 

I totally recommend this for children with mobility problems.  Today Erin has been dry all day and she is very proud of herself! I am proud of her everyday, but its wonderful to see her glowing with happiness.

Disclosure: Erin was gifted the potty from FisherPrice for the review. Thoughts and opinions are all my own.

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