Putting it off for thirteen years!

My eldest is 13, we bought our first home thirteen years ago.  Since then we have moved twice and had two more children.  Yet there is something we have put off for the last thirteen years and it has always been on our priority to do list.  On each maternity leave we vowed we would sort it and again last year when on sabbatical it was spoken about several times.  But I think I felt too young, felt that it’s something other people need to do but not us.

This past year we have said a forever goodbye to a number of special people and some of those people were our age and younger.  It is a painful reminder that we need to be prepared, that you cannot be so blase.   It was time to actually put into place our will.  The thing we have always known we should do but always manage to put off.

I was recently contacted by Ade from Maximum Inheritance Specialists to see if we would review the service. This really forced my hand to do something that is so important.  Now I am very unsure why we put this off for so long!  The whole process was incredibly simple and although it did require some thinking about I am so glad we took the opportunity.

Our will was arranged over the telephone – one thing I was concerned about is telling someone over the phone all our personal fiances.  However that simply isn’t the case.  Yes you need to know what your estate is worth and give a rough figure but there not lots of ‘money’ questions.  The questions were more about how we would want our estate shared and most importantly what would happen to the children if the worst every happened to both Lee and I.  It was thought provoking to say the least.  We also considered who would be the executor of our will.

The whole process was very professional and questions were asked sensitively and we were pushed on a few things to be very specific.  It is a bit of an emotive thing to do but really so important.

Once the initial consultation was over , which took approx 40 minutes our documents were drawn up and posted to us.  They were then sent to us with an easy to understand guide.   The will needed to be witnessed and we had the choice of keeping it ourselves or sending it back where they would hold on to it for us.

I totally recommend the service as from start to finish it was incredibly straightforward and explained in terminology I fully understood.  I also feel secure knowing everything is in place and my family will be taken care of the way we want.


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