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A letter is handed to you by an excited 14 year old.  It details the amazing opportunity of a trip to Canada for a sports tour.  Half listening to her excited garble and eyes half scanning the letter the for the cost I can’t help but notice her enthusiasm.  If only enthusiasm alone was enough to make the dream a reality.

I have written before about high level sport being for the wealthy and how expensive buying kit and training sessions can be.  Well this weeks letter surpassed all previous costs.  The invitation to Canada was delivered through an assembly for the hockey and rugby teams.  Chloe is part of that team – not surprising really considering she represents the school on most teams.  My initial reaction was no chance.  The figure 2K swam in front of me.

However my decision has changed, she found my weak spot, my Achilles heel.  I know it is an amazing opportunity for her development.  She will learn more than a few new hockey skills.  She will return more independent, it will be a reward after GCSE’s as the trip is not for another two years.  Two years that means we can pay this balance off on a monthly repayment plan. The irony is that we ourselves never buy on credit, we never take out loans but this is different as we are paying it off in advance.   Of course the fact that most of the team are going adds another pressure.  I want her to have amazing opportunities, it was why we choose that school.  She has been told that there are no more trips after this one.

We will need to do some fundraising – Well when I say ‘we’ I mean Chloe with my practical support.  I think the fundraising will be an important pat of the trip and I want Chloe to learn from that also.  She is prepared to swap Christmas and birthday monies to fund the trip.  She is considering what jobs she can do for money.

That is a tricky one though.  Being 14 1/2 means that there are limited ways she can earn money.  She has offered herself up for babysitting and I was doing the same at her age.  She is good with younger ones and well experienced due to having a little sister ten years her junior.  She has asked her dad to put her name down for sticking up which would help.

We have plans to do a massive car boot sale.  It will be a good chance to clear out my garage and sort things out.

I would love to know if you have done similar with your children or as a younger person yourself.  What is a good way to raise this money?


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    WOW that it an expensive trip! Fortunately I have a few years to go yet before my boys start on the really expensive trips…. Thinking back to when I was 14 and a 1/2 I had a weekend waitressing job. This gave me a huge amount of independence and i remember it fondly.
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