Sleeping babies!

One of the joys of parenting tweens is getting a lie in! We love nothing more than having a lazy start to a weekend, waking up with your own body clock rather than the beeping of an alarm. A cup of coffee in bed without toddlers climbing all over you is a little slice of heaven! The older two were early risers as toddlers and I spent many an early morning on the sofa with a duvet wrapped around me whilst they watched CBeebies!

Now though, I can get my own back as its normally me waking them at the weekend and during school holidays. Dragging them from their warm beds to enjoy the weekend! Luckily for us, Erin is made of different stuff to her siblings – she likes sleep. Sleep for Erin has always come easily but I think it was down to having good routines from the start. I like to believe this is down to having finally learnt from our mistakes by the time the third child came along!

Erin has a lovely bedtime routine. She has a nice warm bath with lots of toys and bubbles. This helps to start the wind down process. It is also important for Erin to soak her muscles as they tend to ache due to her DDH and hypermobility by the end of the day. We then get snuggled in her nightie and dressing gown before going downstairs for cuddles and storytime. Now that she is three she is a little cheeky and often asks for five more minutes but I still have her upstairs in her bedroom by 7pm.

I like to keep her room tidy and organised as I think this helps her settle as the room is peaceful, her room is full of neutral colours with co ordinating bedding, curtains and wall decorations. Finally I pop her music on which is always twinkle twinkle and she is asleep before the music has finished.

Having older siblings that go to bed much later than Erin I have always ensured that we don’t fall into the trap of her only being able to fall asleep in silence. So family life just carries on around her, I have always shut her door when she is asleep so everyone else can just carry on!

Having a good bedtime routine is so important as I honestly believe that if children have good habits from an early age it carries on. Both my older two have set bedtimes for term time. I know how tired many of my students get at school and I know how important a goods nights sleep for all of us is!

Do you feel like you might be struggling with you bedtime routine? If so, have a look at sleep advice from Silentnight’s resident expert Dr Nerina Ramlakhan.

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