Spooky tales for Halloween inspired by George at Asda!

Asda have challenged us to come up with a short spooky story for Halloween.  Chloe wrote the following story – it wasn’t short, so here is the shorter edited version!

Katie Small was rummaging around in her attic, a dark dusty box caught her eye.  The box had lots of dust and cobwebs on it.  Inside the box was alot of paperwork which she was anxious to read.   There were four birth and death certificates filed away.  They all had her surname, it was very mysterious.    The next morning was Halloween and her parents went out to get treats, this gave Katie an opportunity to go back to the attic.  Buried at the bottom of the box she found photos.  Photos of young children smiling at the camera.  They were familiar to Katie but she didn’t know why.  When her parents got back she confronted them.  Her parents shouted that she should not have gone up to the attic – it was out of bounds. 

Later that evening Katie went out trick or treating but returned home to screams.  As she entered the house she saw her parents leaning over a small boy.  They were sucking his blood.  Katie screamed and asked if that is what they do? 

Katie realised the photos suddenly made sense – they were her brothers and sisters.  As she started to run, her heart was pounding in her chest.  She got to the front door and began to turn the handle but she felt herself being pulled back.  Her parents had hold of her……

My little witch!

Chloe kindly let her little sister choose a Halloween Outfit and we think she looks wickedly cute!

Please do leave a comment – as then we are in with a chance of winning a nice little prize!

Disclosure: We were gifted the outfit and writing pack for the purpose of the post although the story is all Chloe’s!


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