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180 days till Disneyworld, book your dining reservations.

Written by Emma. Posted in family, online life

The talk has turned to summer holidays it seems.  I have heard friends discussing their summer plans and that makes me more than a little excited!  With the wind and rain showing no relent it is not surprising that we are dreaming of feeling the sun on our skin.

This summer we have Disneyworld booked for a family holiday.  We are doing one week on site and one week on a luxury villa.

When holidaying at Disneyworld and staying onsite in a disneyworld hotel the 180 days until the holiday starts is a big date to have in your diaries.  Why?  Disney guests can prebook restaurants including character meals booking is known as ADR’s Advanced Dining Reservations.  Doing it this early means that you can secure meals at the most popular venues.  I did ours last week the day they became available and I am thrilled that we have got all our choices, including Disney’s new Be Our Guest restaurant which is with Beauty and the Beast.   In addition to ADR’s you can pre book other attractions and for us this means a princess makeover.  Erin will be having the court package which includes having her make up and hair done in a style she chooses.  She will wear her Snow White dress.  The day promises to be magical as we will be having dinner with the princesses at Arkerhus  afterwards.  After all Erin has been through with her DDH this promises to be the ultimate trip.

The big two are not missing out on the treat front as they both want to swim with the Dolphins at discovery cove.  That is not yet booked but is on my to do list!

To book meals it is so easy.  If you sign up on the Disneyworld website and link up your booking details you can book the meals from the comfort of your sofa.  To book the make over you need to ring Disney.  Even making the phonecall was magical as I spoke to a Fairy Godmother who took all Erin’s details ready to make it extra special for her.

If you are doing Disney make sure you have that 180 date highlighted someone!

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One holiday done, one to go!

Written by Emma. Posted in Uncategorized

I am a very lucky mum this summer.  I have been relaxing on the beach in Spain for the past few days.  It was some girly time for Chloe and I, time to just relax, read and recharge.  It is something I plan to make a habit of!  We had lazy mornings and evenings in great restaurants.  One of our favourite restaurants is a very typical traditional Spanish restaurant.  It isn’t one where lots of Brits go and that’s exactly why I like it.  They do a fab meal of the day for a great price.  You also get half a bottle of wine included but as I was with Chloe the waiter gave me the whole bottle to drink!  Needless to say we went there more than once!  When looking for new restaurants on holiday locations I always look at where the locals are going to.  It is normally these hidden gems that offer the best food and best ambiance.

The weather was hot – really hot which we love.  We spent our afternoons laid on hired beach beds and watched the world go by.  I like people watching on holiday and hearing children playing and giggling is heart warming.  If I put my hand on my heart I can whisper that I didn’t really miss Erin and Dylan as much as I thought I would.  I think I really needed some time to recharge.  Does that make me a bad mum?  I am probably happy (ish) to admit that as they didn’t exactly appear to miss me as much as I thought they would either!  I had left them with their dad afterall, who is more than capable of flying solo for a few days.  Infact when Lee told Erin I was coming home tomorrow- she just replied ooh that’s exciting and then carried on as before!

However they are not missing out on all the fun, as a family we are heading to the beach next week.  That makes one holiday done, one to go for Chloe and I (as I said at the start, lucky us)! We will be reviewing Travella holiday park and staying in a lovely caravan.  Erin and Dylan are really looking forward to their turn at playing on the beach and getting in the pool for more swimming.  The site also has a park ranger who will do pond dipping and things with the children.   Therefore I need to make sure that they are kitted out correctly.

I have been getting all our holiday essentials together  Erin can still be unsteady on her feet when its wet as her core muscles are quite weak.  Last year Aqua shoes proved invaluable for giving her that extra grip.  Suntogs sell a huge range of protective clothing for all the family.  They also sell beach tents which I think I need to get before we go away.  I like that it is all available in one place and I can order and kit out the whole family in one go.

Abo Gear Rapido Cabana UV Shelter Blue

I especially liked this suit for Erin.  It is such a piece of mind knowing that she will not be damaged by the sun.  My other essentials will obviously include wine and beer for the evenings.  Dylan has borrowed some fishing rods from my dad which havent seen any water for about fifteen years and they need a good clean before they can be used.  I don’t think we will end up travelling light for this journey and can already see that I will be filling the boot!  Thank goodness for big seven seater cars!





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Would you holiday without your children?

Written by Emma. Posted in Uncategorized

Could you, would you, do you?  I remember in 2002 on our first holiday abroad with Chloe we got talking to another young couple in a bar who then said that they were on holiday for two weeks without their child.  At the time I found this really strange and could not imagine leaving my own child for that long, no matter who they had been left with. I thought they were selfish, I said as much to Lee who agreed. I was rather judgmental about them, their priorities and their ‘poor, abandoned and (in my opinion) neglected’ child.

However we have since gone away for a three night trip to Spain without the children (before we had Erin). It was done on a whim and I really enjoyed it , we were able to eat a meal in a nice restaurant, drink until we wanted and have lie in’s in the morning.  For tired parents it was a great way to refresh and relax.  The children stayed with nanny and grandad who don’t get much one to one time with them living 2.5 hours away from us. We are all close and I now feel that it is important for the children to develop the relationship they have with grandparents without mum or dad lurking in the background. I did feel bad when I rang the children only to be told Dyl was being sick and missing me, nothing like a vomit to induce the feelings of guilt!  We haven’t done it since, not because I wouldn’t like to but we haven’t had the opportunity and haven’t felt the need to. Now the children are older it is easier to holiday with them. They like going out for dinner, they can handle late nights and lazy morning lie ins.

I don’t think the older two would let us go now feeling that they were missing out by not taking them on holiday too. I can see that if you co parent the opportunity to holiday separately would be more manageable, in fact my children have told me its not fair that some of their friends get so many holidays as they go on separate holidays with mum and then dad!  Oh the hard life my own children have!!

I don’t think I’d ever go away for a couple of weeks without the children. I’m not sure I would feel relaxed being away from them that long.  What about holidays away from the OH?  Now that seems a nice idea!  Lee is much more active than me on holiday – my idea of the perfect holiday includes magazines, cocktails and lying down.  Lee’s involves long walks or watching sport in a bar!

However the time has come and I will be leaving Erin and Dyl for five nights soon, the longest I have been away from either of them.  I will also be away from Lee – again the longest we have been apart since 2004, when he buggered off to India for a fortnight whilst I was seven and a half  months pregnant!  I will be leaving the children with their dad and don’t have any concerns about that side of things as he is more than capable – plus it will be good for him to deal with the day to day stuff for a few days!

Chloe and I are going away together – just the two of us. It will be great, it will be relaxing and I am really looking forward to spending some quality time with her. I think it is great to spend time with each of your children individually, to really chat and hang out. However I know I will miss the rest of the family.

We will all be having a family holiday in Newquay later in August – so this isn’t instead of the family having a holiday it is an addition. I am intrigued to know whether many people do holiday separately or would holiday with either their OH or the children.



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