Speech Therapy and hypermobility.

Erin's diagnosis of hyper-mobility confirmed to us what we already knew. I am not one for labels, but accept that for Erin pulling all the strands together helps. One of the biggest chicken and eggs for us is what came first the hyper-mobility or the DDH. Did the hip dislocate after birth due to her weak muscles or was it missed. It was definitely missed from the nine month check and she had all the symptoms and signs by then but whether it was from birth is just an unknown. However one … [Read more...]

Developmental milestones for a toddler in hip spica #DDH

Watching your precious son / daughter growing up has to be one of the best privileges that there is.  I am enjoying my time with Erin so much at the moment and as she is my third (and final!) I try to savour each milestone. Milestones have meant something different to me this time though.  With Chloe I rushed her on to each new stage, as an excited first time mum I was competitive with the textbooks and baby magazines I devoured. I measured her progress and deemed that yes I had a physically … [Read more...]