Teens, Tweens and Toddlers How do you parent different ages?

Having three children of quite different ages is at times a see-saw of conflict. Conflict between them and conflict with how we spend our family time. Soft play doesn’t entertain a sophisticated 13 year old. Likewise an afternoon of window shopping followed with a starbucks hot choccy is equivalent to teeth pulling for a nine year old boy. This half term it has been harder than most as Chloe can’t get about much because of her ankle and if I take her in the wheelchair Erin would struggle as she still doesn’t walk far.

We are struggling, I am fast running out of ideas and the children are bored to tears. When I say bored to tears it is not just a saying. There are screaming matches galore. Dylan and Chloe arguing for the TV remote, Dylan running off with her crutches which is the biggest no no of all.

I have still sent Erin to nursery this week which makes me feel a little guilty, however she gets oodles of one to one attention from me. We spend so much time together and Thursdays and Fridays are always our special times. But I do wonder how many other mums still send to nursery when they are off themselves!

We have tried to give each of the older two some one to one time to stop the boredom! We based it on the spilt and divide theory! – I may have made that up, but I expect if I googled it there would be a theory to fit!
I have taken Chloe to get her nails painted. A cheap treat but fun to do together. Dylan and daddy have been to the cinema and so have Chloe and I (totally recommending Les Mis here). Chloe had a friend for a sleep over whilst Dylan went to a friends. Chloe and her friend also got creative with imovie which was great fun – a fab little challenge for anyone to have a go at! Chloe got creative with her new hamster. Take a peek!

We are getting there and thankfully the inlaws arrive today who will bring fresh faces and enthusiasm to entertain the children. I feel that this is one of the worst half terms. The weather can’t be relied on and its cold, so out door stuff is limited. Obviously we are further disadvantaged by the health and mobility of our kids. Friday will be the third docs appt of the week!

This is my least favourite half term holiday, as it is cold and wet – the weather doesn’t lend itself to outdoor play. The Easter holidays are not far away and hopefully we will have some warmth and longer days to look forward to.

Finally, I am really honoured that the blog has been nominated for a MADS award – this is like the Oscars for parenting blogs! However I need to be in the top four to get nominated through to the finals. I would really appreciate everyone (that includes you mum) to follow this link and vote for Emmaand3 here. Please vote for www.emmaand3.com in the BEST FAMILY LIFE category if you think I am deserving!

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    Now that my kids are older and we have a mix of girls and boys, we are not doing a bit of ‘dividing and conquering’ ourselves (thats our name for it!). I think girls of 13 find it particularly hard to be around younger boys and so my older daughter now regularly fixes up ice skating with her friends etc. This helps. I expect you’re glad that half term is over now!

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