The letter C

This weeks gallery theme is the letter C. Immediately I very obviously thought of Chloe – how could I not. My first, my oldest, my beautiful teenager. I still can’t believe I’m the mum of a teenager!

Next up is Cubs, Dylan is quiet, is sensitive.  He doesn’t place mant demands on us.  He doesn’t ask to join things, has to be cajoled normally.  A little over a year ago he broke the mould by asking to join cubs with his best friend Harry.  The result has been amazing, he loves it.  He has been involved in tournements, county wide events and cub camps.  He loves it – the challenges suit him, the activities excite him, he is a little geeky and cubs embraces that – encourages it in fact.  He has learnt so many new skills and his confidence has grown.  I feel the uniformed services are very undervalued in a modern fast paced society and I am so glad that Dyl found a niche that suits him.


Lastly this week saw me allowing my baby to be taken back to theatre for more surgery.  This one was a breeze in terms of time under and what they were doing.  She was not under the knife as such but still I found it tough.  She knows the room, recognises the sounds and smells.  She begged not to have the gas wafted in her face.  I watched her body go limp, I swallowed back my tears being a brave mum.  A kissed her face as they told, once again, that she will be looked after.  I place my trust in them but still felt sick, helpess and worried.  On automatic I walked to costa for my pick me up.  A routine that is too familiar.



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    Chloe is really beautiful! They grow so fast don’t they! Liam will be 17 this year… I’m nearly the Mum of an ADULT!!!

    Dylan sounds like a very sweet little boy!

    *hugs* for all you and little one have been through this week xxx
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