Update on our Nature Trail Challenge in this unseasonal weather!

Recently I was set a challenge by Plant Me Now to get outside and find a number of seasonal flowers.  The Nature Trail Challenge is to find ten everyday plants, flowers and wildlife.  It is a time to reconnect with nature after the long cold winter.   However nobody banked on this very unseasonal weather!

We haven’t had snow – thankfully. I say thankfully as the white stuff has caused us enough trauma this year. Erin and I have managed to get out and find some of the flowers on our treasure hunt list but I feel that some may be a little elusive, buttercups for example! The weather is such a shame as I was really hoping to get to grips with our garden this Easter break, it probably now won’t benefit from any of our attention until the May half term holiday. The garden is in severe need of some tender loving care in the guise of garden flowers. I was hoping to get out there are do some serious tidying and raking before ordering some online plants that will give a bit of colour and life to the empty borders.  When I look out of the window at the moment all I see is debris from the beautiful pine cone trees that grace my back garden.  The grass is in need of taming.  little buds on my hydrangeas are starting to show themselves but i worry the cold weather will affect them.

So what have we actually spotted on our walks?

1. This was quite easy to spot where we live as we have plenty of hedgerows.

Blackthorn found behind our house.

Blackthorn found behind our house.









2. Snowdrops.  I *may* have known these were on glorious display in mum and dads garden!











3. daisyMy favourite picture so far is this daisy which we found whilst walking to the supermarket through a lovely open space alongside a local brook.  I love how the petals are tinged with pink something taht is easy to ignore in a common everyday flower like a diasy.  It does remind me of the beautiful things we take for granted.


So that is my 3 flowers so far – proabably the easiest ones to spot so I need to try harder over the next week before the challenge finishes!






Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post and we have been tasked with the nature trail challenge. 



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