Wednesdays Wardrobe gets comfy and cozy!

Winter is a coming. I know it has gotton cold when I start wearing slippers. Chloe recently commented that it must be nearly Christmas as she needs new slippers! However I am a bit naughty as I often nip outside in my slippers, either to the bin or to get something from my car. I promise though I am not someone who pops to the shops in slippers too!

This week I am sporting new slippers so decided this Wednesdays Wardrobe post will be all about me. Fitflop recently asked if I would like to review something from their range. I am a huge fitflop fan owning and living in a pair of their flip flops in the summer. I chose a pair of cuddler slippers in tan. Fitflops are special because they are built with a super cush and comfy midsole, a wide, warm woolly collar and our toe-toasting padded duvet-lining. Sound good? well they live up to their promise let me tell you!

They are available in a number of colours from Tan, Navy and Rose.  The tan look great and they are so comfy.  They have a solid a bottom which I like, I will not be wearing holes in these with my trips to the outside bin.  They cost £75 but will last and last, because they hug the feet and are well designed they just don’t wear out.  The design is responsible for this.

photo (26)

I have flat feet and its really only since Erin’s mobility difficulties that I have realised how much I should take care of my feet. I now wear properly fitted trainers and now I have a supportive slipper. I love the height they add too as I am only 5’3.  I just know that these slipper will keep me snug all winter.

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Disclosure: I was gifted the slipper for the purpose of the review. Thoughts and opinions all my own.

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