When I ran to the top of the world!

Today I did it!  I ran to the top of the world!  Ok – so not the world but I went up and up Cleeve Hill.  I ran through a farm, through fields with sheep and I walked up the tough bits!  I ran across a golf course and back down again.  I even got chased by a swarm of flies!

I did almost seven miles of up and down and I can feel it.  My lovely friend Sarah who is a personal trainer assures me that it was the equivalent to about 10 miles of flat running.  This is a new personal best for me.  I did 5 miles on Sunday and today I pretty much doubled it.  Sarah was a teacher for many many years and she used her teacher voice and tactics on me!  I found it tough but I am so pleased with myself.

photo (26)

The run was very pretty and I took in the beautiful countryside I have on my doorstep, it was a fab view from the top.  Once home I soaked my tired legs in a hot bath and I am expecting to feel pain tomorrow! I feel that I can do this. I can finish the Cheltenham half marathon and raise money for Steps.

When I’m running and find it tough I consider why I am doing this. I want to say thank you to Steps for all the support they have given us over the past two years since Erin was diagnosed with DDH. I want to raise more awareness of this condition and how it affects my daughter. Therefore please support me and help me say thank you.

We would love a donation to our cause, every single amount no matter how small or big means the world to us. It shows you care.

Just click the just giving link below to access our page.
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