Wii U Review with netmums.


Our house has had a very exciting week. Not only were we in preparation stage for Erin’s birthday and her first party but the older two were in their element testing out the new Wii U from Nintendo. The new Wii is fab and the children were thrilled to be asked by netmums to try it out. Lee set it up last weekend when I was away and it kept all three children entertained. It took him only half an hour or so to have it all connected.  We are real Wii fans that enjoy playing together. Bowling is still one of favourite games although I like the Wii fit and the different balance games available.  We first got our orginal Wii several years ago and it is still played with regularly. Therefore I was interested to see what the Wii U would have to offer.

The new Wii U draws on its original success and has added some new features.  The new mii’s it creates are much more realistic and the children actually really enjoyed making them.  I came to find they were waiting to take a photo of me that would create my character.  You can also join in with online mii’s by playing community games.  Additional games can also be purchased and down loaded from the eshop.  Playing online is straightforward and something we allow now the children are older.  We have our console in the lounge which means online gaming is open and monitored.  This leads me on to another great feature, you can play the Wii U on the handheld whilst someone else is watching TV.  This is great as I don’t like sending the children to their rooms to play consoles.

Chloe (13) sums up her favourite feature of the Wii U “ you can play against each without knowing the other persons move” This is due the revolutionary change that Nintendo have introduced. Not only is the wii u played on the TV screen but it can also be played on its hand held device. The clever aspect is that you can do both simultaneously. It makes in much more competitive which suits my teen and tween.
We have tried out many of the games on the Wii party which has a pegi age rating of 3. It means that all three of mine were able to find games they enjoyed.  There are new Mario games available which have always been the type of games I like.  I am a 30 something year old that grew up with games like Mario on the original gameboy!

As you can see it has the given the children hours of fun. We initially bought our Wii as a joint Christmas present and I would recommend this for the Wii U to. The original Wii games can also be played on the Wii U which is important as I didn’t want to have to replace all the games too.

We are having great fun with the Wii U and happily suggest and recommend it.  For me this is another product that adds to family life and will bring a giggle to our regular family nights.

Disclosure:  We were gifted the Wii U for the purpose of the review.

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