Win with Bespoke Offers and me!

I like getting a bargain, there is not much more satisfying in my world than knowing I have paid less than expected for something.  Whether that is a bargain in the sale rail or an offer through email.  Sometimes I am not even aware that I need something until I find it on offer!  My lastest great purchase was a Tassimo machine – it was a good deal so I bought it for myself now I don’t know how I was drinking coffee any other way!  The children are loving their hot chocolates and costa coffee from home is my new going out!

My inbox receives some great deals as I have signed up to a few members only sites.  They offer great deals at often heavily reduced prices. Bespoke offers is a great website that is dedicated to saving us our hard earned money.  It promotes discounts available in a wide range of your favourite shops and online stores from Vertbaudet to Debenhams.  In addition there are great deals like photo shoots with 89% off.

The site offers deals from children’s toys and services to spa days and treats for mum.  Bespoke Offers have offered readers a chance to win a VTech InnoTab 3S which is worth a whopping £79.99

How generous is that and it will all be delivered in time for Christmas.  That would be one ticked off the list and someone with a big smile on Christmas morning.  The Innotab is special and has some many great features.



With the colour touch-screen, tech-savvy kids can:

  • Browse the web with pre-selected and parent-approved websites
  • Send and receive texts with iPhone and Android Smart Phones
  • Stay connected to their friends with tablet-to-tablet communication
  • Bring stories to life with the e-reader
  • Play interactive games
  • Take pictures and videos with the 2 mega pixel rotating camera
  • Draw and paint pictures with the art studio
  • Listen to their favourite music with the MP3 player
  • Create funny faces and photo frames with 55 fun effects


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T&C’s The prize will be delivered by Bespoke offers. Closing date is 18th November.

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  1. Tracy Nixon says

    I love December too as I am a huge fan of Christmas and really like to get into the spirit of things during Advent!

  2. Jo Richards says

    November as its starting to get Christmasy and there’s lots of firework displays and my birthday is on the 5th and my son’s birthday is on the 26th

  3. Keri Jones says

    I love June. It’s the month of our Wedding Anniversary &my husbands birthday. I have lots of happy memories from past June’s :)

  4. Caroline H says

    I think my favourite month is March. It’s getting lighter and warmer and I really love having a good clean and declutter.

  5. Rachael G says

    December, because of Christmas! I love the atmosphere, the excitement and that everyone seems to be that little bit happier and more friendly.

  6. anthony harrington says

    June – it was the month I met my Wife, the month we got married and usually it is a bit warmer and possibly can have a window open here and there and not need the heating on!

  7. suzanna gentle says

    Absolutely has to be December too. I love Oct, Nov, Dec but the final month has it all. Love the build up to Xmas. The decorations up etc


    My favourite month is august because its nice and hot and I go to nottinghill carnival every year which i look forward to so much

  9. Margaret says

    My favourite is October, its my birthdays so obviously i like October the best. I also think the weather is perfect. I don’t like hot weather and i don’t like really cold weather either. October is my happy medium, October is just beautiful and perfect.

  10. Karen Barrett says

    April, can really start to get going in my garden and in recent years we have had some pretty decent weather for the time of year

  11. Jackie ONeill says

    I love December because it is Christmas! Log fires, good food and drink, catching up with family and friends and the lovely presents!

  12. Stephanie Whitehouse says

    September – its not to hot, but there is light and warmth to be outside and enjoy nature’s fruition

  13. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    I like all of them for different reasons and I couldn’t pick! October is great for Autumn walks, beautiful leaves and colours and some still warm days but with a crispness starting to creep into the air!

  14. Mrs T says

    July – it’s been summer for at least a month, we can go to the beach as a family, and the kids can play outdoors.

  15. Tammy Tudor says

    December :) it’s my mums birthday, mine, Christmas, boxing day sales and new years eve, it’s the best month no doubt!

  16. Claire Butler says

    January my son was born on the 1st and was new start to our lives after many yearsof miscarriages . Also gotta lurve January sales :) I know they start xmas eve these days but real bargains are early janauary

  17. Donna-Lisa Towner says

    I love August Lazy Days, the kids off school and lots and lots of sun (well i can hope for a sunny August)

  18. Pam Lawrence says

    I think i like Maye best as that is when we generally go on holiday. In the dark days of January i fix my sights on may to get me through that post-christmas slump!!!

  19. Lisa Smith says

    December because of the C word that people don’t like me to mention. The look on my son’s face Christmas Day morning is absolutely priceless, worth every penny.

  20. Holly Storm-Burge says

    I love July because it’s my birthday month and it’s nice and warm for swimming and picnics at the lake!

  21. jen english says

    I love August because I work in a school so have the month off work, go on my holidays and celebrate my birthday.

  22. Victoria Ann Entwistle says

    I love April as it’s my birthday and my Mum’s on the same day so we usually have a lovely celebration planned x

  23. k walsh says

    I like October best. I love the nights getting darker earlier and the chill in the air telling us a cosy winter is on its way

  24. Julie Davies says

    I love December too, love Christmas and all that goes with it, but I also love the dark nights and getting home and drawing the curtains and costing up on the sofa watching TV

  25. tracy sinclair says

    I love December, I actually love the dark nights, though its only because I know that its near to christmas and I can start buying lots of lovely pressies x

  26. Lauren Pilkington says

    i love the run up to christmas, the look on my childrens faces when they see the christmas adverts and the christmas displays in shops. i love it as much as christmas its self.

  27. Starry (@Orangeblossom78) says

    I love June because it’s full of promise of long sunny days and my children playing in the garden.

  28. Nicola Dudson says

    December is my favourite too i love Christmas and all the family traditions that go with it, its also my little boys birthday

  29. Danielle woodman says

    I love October, you can see the change in season all round, it is so pretty and of course its Halloween :)

  30. p says

    I love December its my daughters birthday then she will be turning four plus its xmas time to stuff loads of food and be merry xx

    • pauline byrne says

      I love December its my daughters birthday then she will be turning four plus its xmas time to stuff loads of food and be merry xx

  31. Naomi Smith says

    I love August because its the summer holidays and the kids are off school so we can do lots of fun thing together.

  32. abby carroll says

    December :) love the idea of snow and winter plus its my birthday and christmas. I also get some quality time with my hubby and kids

  33. Sarah Ottley says

    December! I am a christmas freak and usually start planning next christmas on Boxing Day! I just love the run up to it and doing all the Christmassy things with my girls like seeing Santa, ice skating, seeing christmas movies, making chritsmas cake and mince pies, I could go on forever!

  34. Gemma Williams says

    I always loved august, lots if sunshine – hopefully people seem more relaxed, bbqs, beer gardens, beach etc but now I’m a mummy it’s changed to December, each year Christmas seems to be more magical. Our diary is jam packed with different activities and the once annoying Christmas adverts now make it more exciting.

  35. Lorna Kelly says

    I love December because both of my boys have their birthdays and we get a visit from Santa too :). They would love to open one of these for Christmas! Also loving February because my new baby is due then :)

  36. Rachael Barratt says

    I love June as it’s starting to get warmer and my partner and I always manage to get a little holiday in at this time :)

  37. Deborah Wheeler says

    July as hopefully it’s starting to get warm and summer is on it’s way – longer evenings bbqs and going to the beach

  38. emma speers says

    Hello Emma from one Emma to another *waves* I also love December, I know sometimes it can be a very sad time for people but I love the lights, the rushing around, treating others, my partner having time off with us, my childrens faces on xmas eve / morning, the fun and games, the food….

  39. Nicola Lynch says

    Mine’s December too, always has been, Christmas followed by my birthday a few days later. Love keeping toasty and warm by the fire too.

  40. Eileen Flaherty says birthday is Christmas Eve so I get a double celebration and then there is New Years..a new hopes & dreams

  41. Helen Swales says

    My favourite month has to be April; when the nights start getting lighter and it’s the beginning of the warmer weather, the flowers begin to bloom and the countryside starts to bloom. It’s also the month of my wedding anniversary so that makes it extra special.

  42. donna clinton says

    December for me too,it’s such a great month with all the hustle and bustle and there a re always lots of things to do!

  43. Jeanette Downing says

    December for me too, just love christmas and as soon as it December 1st i put up the tree and listen to the christmas cds, although i already feel christmasy after the christmas lights switch on last night x

  44. lyn burgess says

    December, because it’s my daughters birthday, then Christmas, get togethers with all the family, then my daughter in law’s birthday, then my sisters, then New Years Eve, all in less than a fortnight, exhausted but very happy by New Years Day!

  45. Sarah Ballantyne says

    I love November – crisp autumn leaves, open fires, bonfire night, stews and soups and frosty evenings. Everything feels fresh, I love the smells and it’s lovely to get all cosy.

  46. Claire Appleton says

    My favourite month is also December. I love everything to do with Christmas. I love getting my children all excited decorating the house, writing letters to Santa, Christmas movies and having good quality family time! :)

  47. susan willshee says

    Every month has something special but I particularly like March. It’s the month my first daughter was born and also (usually) the first time I notice signs of spring. After a long winter it’s so nice to see daffodils, snowdrops and little lambs in the fields. Plus there is all the Easter chocolate to look forward to!

  48. tracy scutt says

    I love December too, I love the cold and the snow,christmas trees with sparkly lights,cinnamon and most of all making christmastime special for my family.x

  49. Karen Lloyd says

    I love April just as the weather starts to warm up a little after the long winter. I’m just starting to get my greenhouse ready for the summer.

  50. Lynsey Ward says

    May because that’s when my daughters birthday Is and every year seen she has been born it has been sunny 😉

  51. Wendy Tolhurst says

    I love March as it symbolises the beginning of spring. It was my Mum’s birthday in March and I always associate the month with daffodils, lambs and Easter (which I know can be in April).

  52. Rachel Butler says

    December would also be my favourite month! In love with dark nights, snowy days, seeing your breath in the air! I love Christmas! :)

  53. Vicky Robinson says

    I love Christmas too – so December is my favourite month. I love all the fun & excitement of watching the kids with their presents & I love the fact that we get away for a few days each year to see family & stay near by. I get a break from the housework and enjoy the time with the kids while catching up with everyone.

  54. Kay Braisher says

    October as its the month my baby boy blessed my life (though Id have to now also say March too as thats when my little girl completed it)

  55. Christine Bray says

    I love June it’s the month when we take our family vacation and this year all the family kids grandkids everyone will be there !!! Cannot wait x

  56. Elinor Bevan says

    I love November, because I am a huge fan of autumn and bonfire night, and with the nights drawing in, its the perfect excuse to snuggle with my babies in our Onesies drinking hot chocolate!

  57. claire wilkinson says

    got to be december, my sons birthday on 5th, nephew on 6th, the run up to xmas, xmas concerts & fairs at school and the parties!!

  58. angela hedley says

    I love December and Christmassy things too. I also love August as I get to spend lots of time with the kids during summer hols <3

  59. Bernadette Blundell says

    it has to be december too i think when you have little ones the excitments of xmas for us growns ups is huge i think i get more excited than the kids do to see their smiley faces

  60. Helen McCarron says

    For me, it’s got to be December too. I love Christmas and everything about it. Christmas carols, Christmas food, the crisp winter weather.

  61. Hayley Spencer says

    It has to be December too as it is the one time of year we all have off together-the time to make perfect memories for our children :) x

  62. Lesley Bain says

    Definitely December :) The anticipation of xmas for the whole month, lots of family get-togethers….there is no other time like it x

  63. Helen Garner says

    September as that is when most of our family birthdays and our wedding anniversary are. Plus the weather is still mild and it is just a lovely time of year.

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