How to Live with a Teenager: 6 Common Teenage Problems and Solutions You Need to Know!

The teenage years are considered one of the most vulnerable yet essential parts of a person’s life. While leaving their childhood behind, there are a ton of teenage problems and solutions that they have to face as they enter adult life. This is the period when it’s difficult for parents to understand their child and help them in some way. Learning the best way to live with a teenager is not always easy, but it is rewarding!

Still, there are some common problems faced by teenagers that you should know and be prepared for. Knowing these issues will make it easier for you to connect to a teenager and keep him/her away from picking up bad habits. In this post, let’s talk about some popular teenage issues and their solutions.

The teenage years will bring many changes to the family dynamic but it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. I have loved parenting my teenagers positively. I subscribed to a positive parenting mantra early on, I chose my battles, has some non-negotiables (regular communication and knowing where they are when out) but I also gave them freedom, trust and respect. I had taught hundreds of teenagers before my own reached that point so I do think I had a head start on understanding this age group.

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6 Common Teenage Problems and Solutions You Need to Know!

The physical change that teens have to go through

This is one of the teenage problems and solutions that’s a bit more known and understood and might seem obvious sometimes as well. Whether it is a change in the voice tone or other physical changes, these hormonal changes can cause issues in some teenagers’ minds. Puberty has a lot to answer for and remember that this is an emotional time and perfectly normal too, puberty will affect family life and a youths’ ability to reason in a rational way all the time. Even the most grounded teen will feel these emotional changes.

A good solution to take care of this issue is to have a proper talk with your child, keep open a clear communication channel. You have to sit down with them and let them know that these changes are bound to happen and they are the first step to adulthood. That way, your child will be more prepared for the behavioral changes and will find it easier to accept this stage of their life. 

Instead of ignoring their insecurity about these teenage issues, make sure to pay close attention. This will allow them to be more open and discuss their struggles with you, it is all part and parcel of living with a teenager. There are many teenage problems and solutions that can arise from not understanding the physical changes that will occur. As parents, we can help with good open communication and preparing them throughout puberty and all that it brings. My son hit puberty hard and fast which I wrote about in this post, it is an awkward growth stage of their lives but it will pass.

The pressure of dealing with the emotional rollercoaster

This is one of the most concerning problems faced by you that you should not ignore at any cost. Teenage hormones make it easier for teenagers to feel emotional highs and lows, making it the root cause of many other issues. You will experience banging doors and frustrations when you live with a teenager but they will also need reassuring cuddles after their fire has burnt out. Anger is one of the common teenage problems but it can be a scary emotion for everyone in the family to witness. The good news is that the anger outbursts are often short-lived and don’t happen on a daily basis.

As a parent, this is your time to be their friend and assist them in dealing with these constant mood swings. Spend alone time with them as much as possible, and listen to them whenever they insist to talk. Teenagers have to know that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed at times and this is often the root cause of teenage problems and solutions. 

I often find a good opportunity to talk and have a regular conversation is when we are in the car. They can’t get away so will often open up more about various problems or teen issues that they are struggling with. I have had great discussions in the car, often I’ll start by popping on a podcast and then asking the teen’s opinion on the topic, this can be a great conversation starter.

Encourage your child to participate in physical activity or mental activities which will allow them to be away from stress once in a while. Tell them how you dealt with the teenage issues you faced and slowly make them comfortable while expressing their emotions. Sport is a great way to lift your mood as it releases those happy hormones. When you are feeling frustrated sport is also a great way to let out those feelings, pounding the streets running or boxing really clears the mind for the parent too! Maybe it is something that you could even do together

Facing difficulties in the educational system

The amount of competition in the current world is no joke – to get any degree or job you want, there are a lot of difficulties that you have to walk through. Being under such kind of pressure can impact a teenager badly as well. 

There are so many distractions and extra activities that they have to participate in, which makes it hard to focus on studies. To keep this pressure away from affecting the normal teenage behaviour, you have to keep a close eye. 

Allow your child to understand that he/she can participate in anything that they want to and can back out if the pressure is too much to handle. Make sure they eat well and get enough rest every day. Doing these small things can improve their concentration level and enable them to succeed in school and make them happier to live with. Teenagers often manage part time work alongside their studies which also brings challenges.

Teenage girls can often mask issues at school so you may need to read between the lines, observe the small details ready to notice any changes.

Surge in internet usage and facing bullying online. 

Teenagers these days are spending more and more time on the internet, on social networks and participating in a virtual world which leads to several different teenage problems and solutions including peer pressure. They tend to be very active on social media and avoid getting out of the house whenever possible. Learning how to live with a teenager is always about picking your battles. Don’t try to ban social media but look at how to encourage movement outdoors too.

Young people can usually be cajoled outside with the lure of a nice hot chocolate or similar afterwards. Too much screen time does affect sleep patterns too, but remember to model the behaviour you want to see. We can all do more to get the correct balance in our lives.

Though the internet can teach your child many life-essential skills, it also gives rise to many problems faced by teenagers. You have to help your child understand the need for spending less time online. There should be some kind of restriction on the time they spend on the internet each day.

One way to reduce their internet usage is to make them do physical activities a couple of days of the week. This way, their mental and physical health won’t suffer a lot because of social media. Think of ways in which you can cut down their “mobile time” and instead make them spend quality time with loved ones and maintain a healthy relationship with family members.

6 Common Teenage Problems and Solutions You Need to Know!
How to live with a teenager

Your child needs to learn how to manage relationships well.

Whether we are talking about romantic relationships or family relationships, your child most likely will struggle to manage sensitive topics properly. Teens tend to be hasty with their decisions and thus end up making mistakes.

Communicating often with them allows you to manage this issue in a better way. This is one of the problems faced by teenagers that are needed to be handled with care and attention. Even when they are learning such things on their own, they need to know that you are always there to help. 

Create a safe and comfortable relationship with them so they don’t hesitate to come to you for advice. Don’t push your opinions on them and instead help them understand more gently. Once teenagers learn to trust you, they will be more willing to understand your point of view about things. It doesn’t matter if they have different opinions to you – our jobs are not to recreate ourselves and we need to learn how to live with a teenager who thinks differently to us, as our way is probably not the only way!

At this stage it is normal to have body image concerns and there are some great TV shows like Sex Education on Netflix that discuss these issues really well. I wish the show had been about when I was a teenager as it covers many issues of body confidence, sexual content and self esteem issues really well.

teenage problems and solutions

Your child might have low self-esteem or self-confidence

When so many things are changing internally as well as externally, teenagers easily lose confidence in their ability. This is one kind of teenage issue that can be a bit easier to detect in a child. You have to observe your child more, so you can detect the small changes in normal teenage behaviour and spot when they may be having a tough time.

If your child stays away from public attention, tends to not speak their mind, etc., your child might be struggling with this issue as well. You have to show your constant support to help them gain confidence in their skills. 

Allow them to express their opinions more in a friendly manner, and let them know that it’s okay to say the wrong things at times. Suggest them to participate in activities that will improve their social skills. Constant encouragement and communication can be a good way to build their confidence over a course of time. Positive self-esteem takes time, as parents we need to be encouraging and heap praise where we can.

Conclusion to teenage problems and solutions

As a parent, you can be the anchor that helps your child face various kinds of teenage issues, and overcome them much more easily. Your affection and understanding can allow them to talk freely and express their concerns. 

In this article, we have listed down some of the major teenage problems and solutions to help your child face these issues. We hope this article allows you to be more aware and enables you to understand your child a little more. Keep in mind that, you have to put yourself in their perspective to be a good parent to your teenager!

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