Scattergories Categories List + Free Printable!

Do you love a family game night? Playing scattergories printable lists is one of our faves. Read on for more!

One of my favourite family games, when we would have a family occasion, was categories, or as others call it scattergories lists. The Scattergories categories list is a word game. In this game, you will be given different categories and asked to come up with a word that begins with a certain letter in each category. This post includes a scattergories junior lists printable pdf so you can play at home.

Scattergories categories list
Scattergories categories list 

I used to play Scattergories categories list with all the family including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We would write up categories, choose a letter and have to think of a name, a country, a food, a car brand and so on. If you had chosen the same as someone else you’d get 5 points and if it was a unique answer you’d get 10 points. Then at the end of the categories, the person or team with the most points wins.

These simple games gave us hours of fun. It was simple pleasures that everyone could play. Now that many of us are at home in isolation we are once again playing these games. If you are looking for games that you can play remotely with family or looking for a challenge for children that also helps develop thinking skills then this is the A-Z Challenge for you!

Scattergories Rules

I have tweaked the game ever so slightly to make it accessible for everyone. My A-Z Challenge has 5 free printables which are required for each player or team. Each player completes the sheet which are themed as Disney, Travel, About You, Movie or Food.

You are awarded 5 points for a correct answer and 10 points if it was a unique answer.

The game can be played as five individual games or as five rounds. If you have younger children it often works well as separate games because they lose concentration quicker! Older children may prefer it as rounds. You can also add a timer if you are playing with adults or older children.

Below you can see the Disney Scattergories List as an example.

scattergories categories list free printable

What You Need to Play Scattergories

You’ll need a list of categories (I’ve provided 5 free printables below along with a whole host of different categories) and possibly a timer and pens and paper.

Once you have the idea you can come up with an endless Scattergories categories list that will keep the game fresh. This game works well if you are having virtual game nights with friends and family. Simply print off the sheets, hook up your zoom or WhatsApp group and play together.

If you are looking for more games that you can play together have a read of party games for social distancing, they are ideal for virtual birthday parties if you are on lockdown.

Download the FREE printables to play categories by clicking this link.

Scattergories Categories Lists

Struggling to think of a category for your game of Scattergories. I’ve a whole list below (leave me a comment if you have one I should add). Use my free printable and pick a category below this is an scattergories junior lists printable pdf.

  • Foods you eat for breakfast
  • Deserts
  • Something you buy for valentines day
  • Colours
  • Ice cream flavours
  • Parts of the body
  • School subjects
  • Musical instruments
  • Pizza toppings
  • Spices/herbs
  • Halloween costumes
  • Beer brands
  • Movie titles
  • US States
  • British cities
  • Video games
  • Websites
  • Computer parts
  • Mobile phone manufacturers
  • Internal organs
  • Types of flowers
  • Foods suitable for vegetarians
  • US Presidents
  • British Prime Ministers
  • Currencies
  • Vegetables
  • Boy bands
  • Girl bands
  • Store names
  • 3 letter words
  • 4 letter words
  • 5 letter words
  • 6 letter words
  • Game shows on TV
  • Disney films
  • Girls names
  • Boys names
  • Cocktails
  • Fizzy pop brands
  • Chocolate brands
  • Famous artists
  • Clothing worn by cowboys
  • Items needed for a baby
  • Things found in an office
  • Cooking shows
  • Cartoon characters
  • American football teams
  • British football team
  • Rugby teams
  • NBA players
  • Basketball teams
  • Tennis players
  • Olympic cities
  • Olympic sports
  • Types of cheese
  • Flavours of crisps
  • Types of code (computing)
  • Sandwich fillings
  • Mexican foods
  • Oceans
  • Cruise companies
  • European countries
  • Aeroplane models
  • Airlines
  • Christmas carols
  • Christmas foods
  • Authors
  • iPhone apps
  • Cooking utensils
  • Fast food restaurants
  • Animals at a zoo
  • Olympic athletes
  • National anthems
  • Items of clothing
  • Pieces of furniture
  • Wine brands
Scattergories categories list 

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