World book day – the reveal!

You will not find any pictures of my husband on the blog, none on twitter and very very few on Facebook. Social media doesn’t run through his veins like it does mine. Don’t get me wrong he views my facebook feed most days, he claims he likes to know what people are doing but he doesn’t feel the need to have his own. He likes to stay anonymous on the blog too which I respect.  Yet today he is coming out!  He has agreed to be todays star feature.  

 Last week I turned to facebook on his behalf, tasked with the responsibility of creating a book character costume for world book day he searched for inspiration. He didn’t want to buy a costume, he also has meetings with parents scheduled (he is a senior teacher) therefore he wanted to be part of the fun but wanted to remain comfortable and professional.

Lee rejected all of my suggestions from Harry Potter to Dracula. Time was ticking. Then suddenly he decided,  he found inspiration from social media. He found the costume he wanted on YouTube. I didn’t think we could do it. It seemed like a huge task in such a short space of time.

This morning he headed off. We are so pleased with our my effort.

wimpy kid costume

Yes we have created an easy costume from the book ‘Diary of a wimpy kid’ . I cannot take all the glory, the idea and instructions are on Youtube for all to find.  But I managed to do it.  For someone without a crafty bone in their body this is a real achievement!

It was quite straightforward to make.

paper mache ball1. Use a beach ball and papermache.  I used a wall paper paste for our glue.  Several layers over several days will be needed.  I wish we had longer to spend on this.  I was drying it in front of the heater most days!

2. Cut two ears from polystyrene and cover with paper mache. 

3. Cut the hair.

4. Cover a drinks can for the nose.

5. Cut a hole on the base that your head will fit through.  Let the air out and remove the the beach ball.

6. Paint the head, ears and can with white paint.  The hair is painted black.

7. Attach the ears and hair by using cocktails sticks.  The sticks easily penetrate the polystyrene and the paper mache head.

8. Super glue the the ears and hair for extra strength.  Cut a hole for the nose and push through.  Tape can help secure from the inside.

9. Paint one final layer of white paint over the head.

papermache wimpy kid


 10. Wear with long white socks, black trousers, white top.  Carry a black backpack and you are ready!






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