20 Magical Harry Potter Crafts Round Up

Are you or is someone in your family a huge Harry Potter fan? Then these 20 Magical Harry Potter Crafts will be right up their street or should I say, Diagon Alley! 

Perhaps you have reread the Harry Potter books countless times or watched the movies more times than you can count on your fingers. Whether you’re throwing a huge Harry Potter Party or just obsessed with the series, I have you covered. Bring out the inner witch or wizard within you with these amazing and magical Harry Potter crafts and projects.

We are totally Potter obsessed in our house, my 11-year-old has a picture wall of her favourite characters and spends hours talking all things Harry with her friends. Therefore some themed crafts are a great way to further enjoy the world of Harry Potter.

Later in the month, we are heading to Harry Potter Studios in London but before we head there we are getting a fix with these delightful Harry Potter fun crafts which are perfect for a rainy afternoon or simply some tech-free time.

20 Magical Harry Potter Crafts Round Up
20 Magical Harry Potter Crafts Round-Up

How to do a Harry Potter Theme Day

There are many creative ideas on how to enjoy a Harry Potter themed day. You can listen to the audio books (take out a free trial here), dress up in Harry Potter costumes and enjoy some magical crafts.

You could go all out with a Harry Potter themed party to celebrate a birthday or just because you are mega fan! There are lots of easy Harry Potter crafts to be found on the internet and I have created this round-up to save you time searching.

What are some Harry Potter activities?

There are so many Harry Potter activities from rewatching the films, playing board games or enjoying the Harry Potter Crafts. You can see our favourite Harry Potter Gifts that we have previously reviewed. Did you know there is an actual International Harry Potter Day? Each May 2nd is now celebrated by Potter fans – the date is no accident either, May 2, 1998 was when the epic Battle of Hogwarts was fought. David Cameron a former UK Primeminister declare the day to hour JK Rowling “We hope that children and adults alike will be reminded of Harry Potter’s strong and courageous character on this day’. What a legacy!

Before you get started on the Harry Potter Crafts make sure you have all that you need, I have said before that our hot glue gun was one of our best purchases during the first lockdown and is still used so much! It has helped us with fun craft ideas ever since! You don’t need expensive craft supplies for many of the great craft ideas listed below, if you search at home I’m sure that you will have lots of what you need. Other simple supplies can be bought and reused time and time again. A set of acrylic paint colours is a great staple to buy for birthdays or stocking fillers.

You’ll find in this list projects that any age will love, whether you’re a child or an adult. Here are 20 magical Harry Potter crafts and projects that any Harry Potter fan will love to do. This list is a fun way to enjoy the Harry Potter series in a new and creative way.

20 Harry Potter Crafts Even Muggles Can Make!

20 Harry Potter Crafts Even Muggles Can Make!

  1. DIY Harry Potter Potions Ornaments Everyone knows that one of the coolest things about Harry Potter are the potions and spells and this potion craft is ideal for any Hogwarts student! These make ideal Christmas ornaments for the tree too.
  2. Ravenclaw Quidditch Shirt This craft has a free cut file to help you create your own shirts, notebooks, hoodies, and more!
  3. DIY Harry Potter Mandrake Roots Polymer clay is a lot of fun to work with, and is the perfect medium to make these grumpy, little, potted mandrakes who we have a soft spot for!
  4. Magical Crystal Ball Craft This gorgeous DIY Crystal Ball craft is so easy for kids of all ages and skill levels to make and makes a gorgeous addition to your child’s room
  5. DIY Harry Potter Book of Spells Print your own Harry Potter Book of Spells complete with wand motions, pronunciations, spell meanings and uses.
  6. DIY Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters
  7. Easy Harry Potter Bookmarks these cute bookmarks are ideal for popping inside your favorite book so that you don’t lose your place! This craft is also ideal for little hands and you don’t need too much patience!
  8. Watercolor Resist Harry Potter Quotes
  9. DIY Harry Potter Remembrall Ring
  10. Harry Potter Sorting Hat Candles Simply burn the candle to reveal colored wax that corresponds to the Hogwarts houses that you’ve been sorted into! Everyone always wants to know which house they should be in so this is a great tutorial that will solve the question once and for all.
  11. Harry Potter Fortune Teller
  12. DIY Harry Potter Snow Globe Craft
  13. DIY Plush Pygmy Puff A Pygmy Puff is a miniature Puffskein, bred in the back of Fred and George Weasley’s shop Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes at 93 Diagon Alley in London. This cute fluffball is an ideal craft for older crafters.
  14. Harry Potter Bath Bomb This blog post explains how to make an amazing Harry Potter Bath Bomb styled like a Golden Snitch
  15. Deathly Hallows String Art
  16. How To Make A DIY Harry Potter Wand. A magic wand is a vital part of the wizarding world in the Harry Potter movies therefore DIY wands are an essential craft activity for the ultimate Harry Potter fan.
  17. Harry Potter Potion Slime Making Activity Slime is really very easy to make unlike some of Harry’s potions in the movie! This fun activity can easily be adapted for different colours and textures.
  18. Harry Potter Robe Pattern, dress like your favourite character by using this pattern.
  19. Butterbeer Sugar Scrub
  20. DIY Harry Potter Christmas Ornament

Do let us know which Harry Potter crafts your little wizards enjoyed the most. We would love to see your fun Harry Potter craft ideas if you share them on social media. as it keeps the magic of Harry Potter alive for the next generation of fans.

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