How To Paint Gorgeous Geometric Wall Designs Easily

Having a geometric wall design is a huge trend at the minute and many people are grabbing the frog tape and looking at how they can update a room quickly and easily. This geometric wall trend is really easy and can be achieved at a minimal cost. All you need is some paints, frog tape and time. It is so easy that my teen did it herself over the course of two days. Read on to find out how she did it.

Having a University student back at home for an extra-long summer can be challenging for both them and us, as parents. The festivals and holidays are cancelled, summer jobs won’t be kicking in as retail is still shut and there are not many options for them to socialise outside the home and garden.

Whilst Chloe is topping up her tan nicely she also asked if she can decorate her room. We agreed as long as it was done properly! She decided to jump on how to paint the geometric wall design bandwagon!

Art is having a major moment in terms of interior design trends. Not only are we seeing art decorating walls we are seeing a higher use of bright, bold colours in the form of wall paint, feature walls and even using the blank wall as a canvas for its own art. Here’s how to paint a geometric wall design in your home

The geometric accent wall wall is going to take place on one feature or accent wall. She has chosen the colours of grey, white and cream all of which we have in the garage. This means that this project is super frugal and all we needed to buy is the Frog Tape.

Geometric Painting With Tape

Triangle Wall Paint

From looking at online images we thought three colours would be ideal. If you are buying paint, tester points might be enough rather than buying huge tins.

Planning is really important when starting to create a geometric wall. You will want to have your geometric design sketched out on paper, including dimensions and lengths, before ever applying the frog tape. This will give you a better idea of what the final product should look like, without the frustration of applying and removing tape over and over until you achieve the design you have in mind.

How to Create and Paint Geometric Wall Art

How To Paint Geometric Wall Art

Remove the wallpaper

Firstly Chloe had to strip the wall and she did this using our wallpaper steamer. All was going well until it blew a fuse! The rest was done by hand with warm water and a scrapper!

First coat

The wall was then painted with a white base paint. This took two coats of paint.

Sketch the triangles onto a piece of paper

This step is really useful for getting a clear idea of how you want it to look. It allows you to think about the sizes of each geometric shape and also plan the colours out.

Mark with Frog Tape

Using frog tape mark out where you will paint the geometric wall art. The frog tape is peeled off after the painting and what leaves the white (base colour) lines.

Paint each triangle the chosen colour.

We took two coats for each triangle and leave to dry.

Peel off the Frog Tape

Do this slowly to ensure no paint peels off as you go.

The room looks fab and our teenager is very happy with the finished geometric wall design. Not bad for a very low cost room change!

I have added this painting project to my ultimate things for teenagers to do in lockdown post and I am wondering what she will be looking to do next!

Geometric wall paint design grey and cream lady peeling off green tape

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  1. It really helped when you said that we should plan ahead if we want to achieve good-looking geometric wall art. I’ve seen this design on Pinterest and thought that it might be nice to have it in my room. Since I can only be useful during the planning stage, I guess I have to hire professionals in interior painting services to do it for me.

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