Toys That Never Go Out of Style

Every now and then, we all find ourselves in the position of realising that we have spent years paying attention to what’s trending in the world of birthday gift buying for our children, without paying enough attention to some of the things that never go out of style.

If you’re looking for a balance of gift ideas, check out websites like Wicked Uncle for inspiration, and read on to find out more about the toys you may have overlooked.

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The humble themed wrist watch

Whether you’re shopping for an older child who can actually tell the time, or for a younger child who still thinks the TV channel number is somehow related to the time of day, themed wrist watches are a time honoured fan favourite for all ages. For very young children, their favourite kids’ TV characters probably have merchandise that includes colourful digital wrist watches. Or they may prefer a space or dinosaur or animal themed watch. For slightly older children, perhaps the design may become more subtle with a logo showing that the watch is connected to wrestling or sports or a favourite movie. The options are endless once you begin to look.

Themed chess set

All children are drawn to the visual intrigue of a chess set – even more so if the chess set is themed towards something they love like a favourite book or movie. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to learn how to train your son or daughter in the finer art of how to win at chess (well, you can if you like). Simply teaching them how the chess pieces move is enough for now. Usually, children who get to know the game of chess want to play it every day for a week or two after they’ve been shown how the pieces move. It’s almost guaranteed to bring a smile.


From pop vinyl figures to trading cards and even things like collecting the full set of Harry Potter wands, there’s a world of collectibles out there. The great thing is, there are literally no rules, your child could be into collecting weird and wonderful mugs or chopsticks or t-shirts. It’s all fair game. Starting your child on their collecting journey is a great way to give yourself future gift giving ideas. And when your child’s interest in that one thing runs out, switch to something new.

Garden and park games

Kids of all ages love to play outdoors. So, let them. Bats and balls are a start, and things like badminton and swingball can be easier for younger children. But think about some more exciting toys for older children with slightly more dexterity. This could range from anything like frisbees and laser tag sets to children’s minigolf games and hula hooping. Browse your local sports shop for outdoor activity ideas that may be a hit with your children … who knows, you could have a world champion lacrosse player on your hands and you don’t even know it yet!

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