Learn How to Enjoy the Simple Things in Life

Learning how to enjoy the simple things in life is one of the better and most enjoyable ways to live. Not only will you notice what goes on around you more, but you also won’t need a ton of money and lavish surroundings to enjoy yourself.

Enjoying the simple things means just that – being happy with what you’ve got, enjoying what you have all around you right now, Below, you’ll find a few simple ideas that will help you to enjoy the simple things in life.

Optimism and gratitude do not come naturally to everybody, as everybody has their own set point. Below, you can start working on your set point so that you naturally grow to appreciate all of the little things, feeling happier and having a greater sense of optimism each day. 

Here we are sharing a number of ways that you can learn to enjoy the simple things in life. It is so important for our wellbeing that we take time and slow down. Here are the top ways that I practise looking after myself. This year I have learnt so much about myself as I have undertaken my coaching qualification.

Savour Your Food

How quickly do you eat your food? If you’re like most people, then you probably wolf it down without a care in the world. Like most people, you may also watch TV or scroll on your mobile phone while you do so. Well, it’s time to give that up! Focus on your food as you eat, appreciating and savouring every bite.

Start to enjoy the simple things in life. What’s the texture like? What can you taste? Chew slowly, and chew more times than you usually would. Not only should you feel like your meal lasts twice as long, but you should also feel more full and satiated! 

Take Time With Your Tea

Whether you’re a tea or coffee drinker doesn’t matter – what matters is that you take your time with your beverage, savouring it and enjoying it for the flavour. Some may drink for the caffeine or the energy boost, while others may drink it just to have 10 minutes to themselves. Make the most of this time! Sit in the garden, breathe in the air and just be, enjoy the simple things in life.

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Notice The Sky

Look at the sky more. What are the stars doing? What is the sun/moon doing? What colours can you see? Really try to appreciate how amazing it all is. Go stargazing with a loved one! 

Walk More 

Walking is not just a healthy habit to get into. Walking more can help you to better enjoy the simple things in life. As you walk, you can enjoy the natural wonders such as flowers and trees. Some people even swear by telling their problems to the foliage, feeling better afterwards and even coming up with solutions that helped them. When you’re getting outside and spending more time on your feet, your body will be producing more happy hormones, making you feel better for the rest of the time. Just make sure you take it all in – don’t be one of those people that walks with their nose stuck in their phone. 

Really Listen To Everybody You Interact With 

Whenever you’re speaking to somebody, whether it’s somebody new or somebody you’ve been friends with for years, make sure you listen to them. You might already think that you listen well, when really all you’re doing is waiting for your moment to jump in and speak. Try not to focus so much on what you want to say next. Focus instead on what the person is saying, sometimes even what they are not saying, as well as their body language.

Being a good listener is a fantastic skill, and people will want to be around you more. Not only that, you’ll learn something new from the people you meet. 

enjoy the simple things in life
enjoy the simple things in life
  1. Be More Observant 

Try to be more observant in regular situations and you’ll be surprised at what you notice. Maybe you’ll find typical British things that make you smile, or you’ll just begin to notice things you had never even paid attention to before. Our brains can only take in a small amount of information. If you expect to see what you’ve always seen, then that’s all you will see. Expect to find new and exciting things each day, and you’ll be more likely to witness something incredible and enjoy the simple things in life.

Spend Time On Yourself

Spending time on yourself will improve both your physical and mental health, as well as enable you to appreciate the little things around you. Meditate every day for 5 minutes, to begin with, and you can gradually build this up as you see fit. Even a small meditation session every day can give you more clarity and help you to become more creative and mindful.

Meditation will always help you to notice and enjoy the simple things in life, as essentially, it’s teaching us to notice and enjoy the present moment. You won’t be worrying about the past or fretting over the future, as you’ll be living in the exact moment you’re in. 

Exercise is another great way to spend time on yourself. Not only do you get some self-care time spent in solitude, but you’ll also be able to appreciate how your body gets faster the more you train it, how your muscles get stronger, and how it can actually change shape. You’ll find life easier as you become better equipped to handle whatever it throws at you. 

Find ways to relax that work for you and fit into your lifestyle. Clearing your mind, reducing stress and anxiety can help you to get past any mental barriers that are stopping you from finding pleasure in the everyday. Choosing to add in some natural remedies that boost your mood and allow you to focus on what really matters in life.

Many people find benefit in adding cbd products to their lifestyle to help them feel more relaxed and less anxious which greatly benefits their mood. When first starting to introduce cbd products it can be a bit of trial and error until you find what works for you. Here you find the CBD Gras of Frankys to help you get started.

Find Things To Be Grateful For

It isn’t hard to find things to be grateful for. Just because you don’t have a fortune in the bank or an Audi TT doesn’t mean you can’t be grateful for what you have. Having any car to get you from A-B is amazing and more than a lot of people have. Having a roof over your head is also something to be immensely grateful for. If you have people who love and care about you, a job, food on the table – you can be immensely grateful.

Give thanks for these things every day and really appreciate how great you have it. If you make a habit of this, you’ll automatically find other great things to enjoy in your life, whether you saw them before or not. 

We often live life in the fast lane but we can all slow down and enjoy the simple things in life if we follow this advice

Avoid The News

The news is one big energy sucker. It’s ok to keep up with what’s going on occasionally, but the last thing you want is to have it on all the time. 

Explore New Places

Spend money on experiences, not possessions and make sure you explore new places. Traveling, even small journeys, are one of the only things that can make us richer. 

Declutter Your Surroundings

Appreciate the simple things in life by simplifying your surroundings and decluttering the things you no longer need or use. Give what you can to charity. Not only will you feel better for it, but you’ll also make space in your life for more great things to come in. 

Give Back

Spend time giving back by volunteering at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen, animal shelter, or even a charity store. Many people report that doing this gives them a sense of meaning and purpose, and is one of the simplest ways to enjoy simple things. Spend your time working for a cause that matters to you and you’ll feel amazing.  

Start Journaling

One day you’ll look back and realize that the little things were really the big things. However, you’ll struggle to do this if you don’t have a record of them somewhere. For creating a new one you can take inspiration from stories about my life.  Journaling has numerous benefits, such as getting all of your thoughts and feelings on paper, helping you to figure out how you really feel about something, and even coming up with solutions. However, it can also be a record of your life that you can look back on, and studies have actually shown that this could make you happier.

While that trip to the supermarket with your niece may seem insignificant now, writing about the little things that made you smile could make a big difference in the long run.

If you follow these steps you will soon start to enjoy the simple things in life.

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