20 Incredible DIY Crafts for Teen Girls to Beat Boredom

Are you looking for crafts for teens? Look no further as I have 20 crafts for teens that will inspire their creativity. This is a great idea for a quiet afternoon in the winter when you just want to hibernate and do something creative.

I will start by saying that obviously these crafts can be done by boys too, but I know people are searching for 20 DIY crafts for teen girls so I decided to call it that! One silver lining of lockdown has been reigniting people’s interest in crafting.

My teen girls have enjoyed being creative whether it is doing macrame, personalising clothes using HTV Labs Heat Transfer Vinyl, mindful colouring or the pom poms making, they have spent many hours doing fun crafts for teens.

Often we are too busy and moving too fast to slow down and indulge in making and baking. Both these pastimes have seen a huge increase in the past 18 months and I hope that we all remember this and take some of it forward with us after lockdown has finished.

Life is pretty frenetic and crafting is a good way to relax away from screens and we all need some screen free time right now. These crafts for teens include using many different materials that you will have lying around the home or can be ordered easily from Amazon. And the best part is that crafting doesn’t have to cost a ton of money.

crafts for teens from wreath making to marbling
Crafts for teen girls

There are many benefits of crafting for all ages, and I have been scouring craft supplies and boxes for things to do when we are a little bored and want to explore our artistic talent. I have written previously on how we are structuring our home learning day and that we do academic work in the mornings and then more creative activities and cool crafts in the afternoon.

These twenty crafts for teen girls are simple, use few supplies, and use mostly recycled materials. These cheap and easy crafts for teens will keep them occupied. I hope you find a project that you enjoy.

diy crafts for teen girls to be created at home with friends or alone.
20 DIY craft activities for teens

The benefits of crafting include, but are not limited to:

  1. Helping you to relax, crafting is a great stress buster and the perfect choice if you need to switch off from technology and find a fun way to express yourself.
  2. Good for self-expression, upcycle old t-shirts and make friendship bracelets that really reflect you.
  3. Strengthens your hands, ideal if you have hypermobility like my teenage daughter. Using different materials can strengthen your fingers and help with dexterity. This is why fun craft projects are ideal for all ages, including older kids. Usually, we associate crafting with young children or older people but there are craft ideas to suit everyone.
  4. Makes you feel happy, cool DIY projects release those happy hormones as we get a real sense of accomplishment when we have completed the perfect craft.
  5. Beats boredom, enough said! If you can’t find something to do, you are fed up with Netflix and you are stuck indoors then a fun project can provide purpose to your day.
  6. Gives a real sense of satisfaction once completed
  7. Crafting can be a great way to make personal, thoughtful gifts. You can make unique great gifts that use your own designs.
  8. Finally, another thing is that your project ideas can be turned into a profitable side hustle and can become an easy way to make some extra money. Many of us love personalised or unique gifts and a cute DIY gift can be sold at local fairs, you could become an Etsy seller or use online platforms.

20 DIY Crafts for teen girls to start today

This round up of 20 DIY crafts for teenage girls includes making marble mugs using old nail varnishes which is a really fun idea. Erin will be trying this later, so I will let you know how it goes!

The list of crafts includes making a mirror frame, ideal for your vanity desk, paper crafts and even your own bath bombs. We have had great fun trying out lots of these crafts for teen girls, let me know which was your favourite of these great crafts.

  1. Midnight Galaxy Slime is a great project for bored teens.
  2. Corner Bookmarks Designs
  3. Crochet Fingerless Flower Texting Gloves
  4. Pink Lemonade Sugar Scrub, this makes an ideal lip scrub that is an easy idea.
  5. Peppermint DIY Bath Bombs
  6. DIY Unicorn Sugar Scrub
  7. Fab Mobile Phone Pouch which becomes a phone case
  8. Mosaic Art for Beginners offers so much fun.
  9. DIY Sharpie Plate Art
  10. DIY Laptop Sleeve, just follow the easy tutorial to create your own cool ideas.
  11. DIY Marbled Mugs with Nail Polish we enjoyed this and dipping the mugs is definitely a fun part and mesmerising to watch and a creative project.
  12. 80’s Inspired Geometric Stamped Shoes
  13. DIY Sharpie Mug, this is great if you already have sharpie markers lying around.
  14. DIY Geometric Umbrella is an easy DIY crafts that doubles up as a gift if you so wish.
  15. Washi Tape Desk Stapler
  16. High Fashion Mirror Frame DIY is a great tutorial that teen girls will love.
  17. How to Make Sharpie Tie Dye Shirts, this really is a work of art that you can wear afterwards. You could also add a HTV Labs Adhesive Vinyl.
  18. Paper Flower is a fun tutorial
  19. DIY Tie Dye Shoes, are cool projects for fashion-forward young people.
  20. Sparkle Tumbler

Don’t forget our 15 Indoor Boredom Busters for any rainy day activities which you can also work through once the crafts for teen girls have been exhausted.

Teens are very social, so many of these crafts for teens are really fun DIY crafts to do with a friend or with a group of friends. Teens also love to decorate their rooms, so most of these easy DIY project arts and crafts are cute crafts you could hang on your wall or prop op on a shelf.

We also like to give some of the finished crafts as gifts especially to older family members who really appreciate a homemade gift that shows that the creator has spent time and effort making something special, ideal for those older relatives who don’t need material gifts or who want for nothing. These are handmade gifts that they often recall and treasure in the older years.

Crafting provides a creative and emotional outlet as well as keeping teenagers off social media for a few hours which is always a benefit in my book! Let us know which craft for teen girls you most enjoyed. 

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